Kagnew Station Patch

Kagnew Station Scrapbook


The following Kagnew vets have been kind enough to supply us with some photos of their adventures above and below the clouds around Asmara. From being there and reading some of the stories we've received, we know you're not sending us everything!
Don't forget to send photos of you "then and now!"

Kagnew Vet's Photo Pages
StarA photo of the Kagnew Page creator John Harris!
Art Adolphsen
Also check out
Art's Personal Page
for more of his photos.
57-58 ASA 058
Carl Akers 72-73 Stratcom, Post Telephone Exhcange
George "Skip" Alexander 62-64 ASA
Ray Ally 63-65 Ops. Co., 982.1627 Traffic Analyst & Linguist
Jerry Altermatt 56-58 HQ Co.
Rich Angulo 48-50 4th Det, 2d Sig Svc Bn
MOS's 1799/058/05H/98Z
ASA 1947-1969
Paul Bajohr 70-71 STRATCOM Tract C
Then & Now
Timothy BarnesNew! (7/7/20) 61-63 MESA
John Barron 63-65 Ops. Co. "A" Trick, TTY Repair
Warren Becker ??  
Robert Beeson 58-60 Microwave - Transmitter site
Tom Belt 63-65 ASA 058.1 C Trick
Mike Blackburn 71-73 Military Police
James Blair 59-61 Navy Transmitter site
Gary Bonta 68-70 Radioman NavCommSta
Placido "Wop" Borruso 66-68 059 A/B Trick
Harvey Brodsky 59-62 ASA HQ Company
Dave Bush 64-65 ASA
McKinley "Mac" Cage 69-74 US Navy Tract F RM 2nd Class
Fred E. Caldwell, Sr. 69-71 NavCommSta
Dan Carr 73-74  
Linda Caudell-Feagan 71-73 Dependent
Father: George Caudell MAAG USAF Ret.
Nancy Charles (Rogers) 50s Daughter of BG Orman G. Charles
Matt Clark 67-68 STRATCOM
Glenn Coburn 64-66  
Bill Cochrane 61-63 Ops. Co. 058
Lew Colwell 67-69  
Boyce Cox 56-58 Guard Co.
Dennis Crisman 62-64 US Navy NavCommSta
Bill Custance 58-61 RM2 at NCU3
USN Ret. RMC(SS) 1974
Don Davis 49-52 CO 9434 TSU/Radio Marina, Col.
Francesco DeLeonardis until 79 born in Asmara
Rocco DeTeso 69-70 Tract "C" ASA Company A
Tom Dewey 70-72 NavCommSta Radioman
Mike "maddog" Doran 67-68 ASA A Trick 05h20
Mike "maddog" Doran
Jim Savold
Contributions from both guys. Thanks!
Ed Dubil 70-71 ASA Stonehouse
Mike Durbin 70-72, 72-74 ASA Co B Tract C
Radiation/Harris (Stonehouse)
Bob Dymond 66-68 ASA Co. A Tract C
Richard Ellison 68-70 ASA 98B20 Tract C
Dave Engstrom 65-68 ASA Italian Linguist
Tract C
Joe Ewing 68-70 STRATCOM Co. Commander
OIC Plant Division
Jim Ferris 68-71 ASA HHC 74G20
Henry "Hank" Fey 59-61 HQ Company
Bob Fields 53-54  
Rick Fortney 69-70 STRATCOM Tract "B" Receivers
Larry Freeman 57-60 058
Tom Freisen 59-61 ASA HQ Co.
Veral Gamble 63-64 HQ Co., AFRTS, KANU-TV
John Gardner    
Dwight Gibson 64-67 ASA Guard Co. MP
Joe Gillam
1968 | 1998
65-68 MP
Rick Glasby 70-73 AFRTS-KANU
Kyle Goodnight 61-63 ASA Ops. Co.
722 Crypto Comm Center
Gary Gordon 61-64 Dependent
Jack Goss 72-73 US Navy Gura
Thomas Graham 56 Born at Kagnew 29 August 1956!
Donald Gregg 61-63 US MESA
Jerry Grover 55-56 Army Fld Sta 8604 059.20 TTY Intercept
John Hallahan 67-69 STRATCOM
Sam Hale 57-58 ASA KANU-TV
Jack Haley 56-58 ASA
James Hall 62-63 ASA HQ
Dave Handlin 60-62 ASA
Dennis Hanhi 68-69  
Brian Hannigan 60-62 Dependent Born at Kagnew
Jack Hannigan 59-62 ASA Ops. Co. A, Tract C
Don Hardy 66-69 Guard Co.
Dan Harper 71-72 Finance Office
Theodore Harris 67-68 Chief Technical Controller 32D4B8
Robert Hart 53-55 ASA, Operations, A Trick
Steve Healey 70-72  
John Heithaus 68-70 STRATCOM
William Herndon 65-68 US Navy
Paul Herron 66-67 ASA 058 Ditty Bopper
Terry Hicks 68-70 ASA Company A
John Hirsh 66-70 ASA Company B
Dennis & Maria Horner 66-67 ASA Dennis | Maria
Jim Hughes 68-71 Optometrist, USAH
Michael Hyder
67-70 Tract "C" Co. B
Tom Indelicato 67-68 Co. A
Stan Jakubik 72 STRATCOM
Dick Johnson 68-70 Comm Ctr., Tract "C"
Wade Johnson 62 US Navy CommSta
Bill Kananen 70-71 Co. A
Jill Keebler (Mazingo) 69-73 Navy Dependent
Chuck Keeton 61-63 Guard Co. MP
John King 72-73 Transmitters
Roy "Rusty" King 72-74 NavCommSta Tract "F" Gura
Barry Kjelland 68-70 ASA Co. B, Tract C 72B20 (Tape Ape)
Ray Komar 69-71 Fire Dept., Asst. Fire Chief
Chief Board Operator at AFRTS TV
Richard Kostbar 57-58 NavCommUnit 3 Transmitters
Mark Kowal 69-71 ASA Stonehouse 98G (Russian)
Robert CJ Krasner 73-74 NavCommSta Navy Dispensary
Laurent Lafond 52-53 NavCommUnit
Larry Lawrence 68-70 STRATCOM
Bill Lenhard 58-60  
Thomas S. Lewis 71-72 NCOIC TTU Massawa
Dick Lilienthal 52-53 ASA Radio Marina/Kagnew
Billy Lowery 61-63  
Dave Marcos 65-68 B Company
Ken Mahon 64-67 B Co. Stonehouse
Carolyn Maloney 54-57 Dependent daughter of
Maj. E.T. "Pat" Maloney
HQ Co CO and Post Signal Officer
Al Marzian 66-69  
Tom McCandless 66-69 B Co. Stonehouse
Jim McNamara 68-70 ASA HHQ, Finance 73D
Accounting Specialist
Mick McCombs 65-67, 69-71 Tract "C", 05H
Tom McCrea 67-68 05H40
Bo McDonald 71-73 NavCommSta Gura
Johnny Meadows 70-72 STRATCOM
George Moore 66-67
98J Stonehouse
Gary Morin 71-72  
Frank Morrow 69-73 STRATCOM
Tract D Transmitters
Charles Moulton 67-70 72B40 Comm Ctr
Dick Mullin 59-61 HQ Co.
Dave Nelson 60, 69-70 STRATCOM
Terry Nelson 69-70 Massawa TTU
Lena Nerrie 53-54 Dependent wife
Jerry Niemeier 69-71 STRATCOM
Jim Norris 64-66 "C" Company
Don "Louie" Nye 63-65 MP at Tract B STRATCOM
Brady & Grady Olmstead 69-70 ASA (Brady and Grady are twins!)
Jon "Oly" Olsen 68-70 NavComSta
Jim Padgett 69 MP Guard Co
Bob Patterson 68-69 MP Guard Co
Ted Pavlovich 60-62 Ran the CIAAO Hotel in Massawa.
Robert Payne 71-74 NavCommSta
Allen Peacock 57-59 Crypto 722
Bonnie Peckinpaugh
(wife of Gene Peckinpaugh)
55-57, 60-63 ASA
Bill Phillipson 68-70 US Mapping Mission
Addis Ababa
Kenneth Pflanz 68-69 ASA Tract C
Jerry Pry 49-52 ASA Radio Marina
Al Rayl 58-64 HQ Co. Photo Lab
Tom Rea 63-64 KANU
Patrick Regan 69-70 ASA HQ Co.Cadre, Mail Room, Armory
Ralph Reinhold 61-62 ASA
Reinis Ritelis 64-65 STRATCOM Tract D Transmitters
Larry Rogers 65-67 RM3 NavCommSta
Vince Rondenelli 71-74 Navy Tech Control
Tom Rose 69-71 Stonehouse
Lee Ruebush 58-60, 61-65, 67-70 STRATCOM
Walter Sandell 63-64 Hq. Co. / S1
Jim Savold 67-68 STRATCOM
Jim Sayre 58-59 MESA Receivers 290
Fixed Carrier Equipment Repair
Sandi Shurley (Stewart) 71-72 Depdendent of John Stewart, NavCommSta
Ken Schuster 63-65 KANU
John Simmons 73-74 US Navy Satellite Communications Site Tract B, ETN3
Bob Sisko 63-65  
Peter Skarulis 71-74 US Navy
Larry Smith 67-70 05K20 Co A
Rogers Smith 65-66, 69-70 ASA
Tim Smith 60-62 ASA HQ Company
Donna Iriana (Snell) 63-65 Donna was the wife of Robert Snell, ASA at the time.
Norm St. Hilaire 62-64 KANU-TV
David Steindel 57-59 ASA Ops. Co 058
Joe Steiner 56-58 ASA 058.2
John Stewart ?? NavCommSta
Don Strickland 70-71 AFRTS
Patrick Striplin 70-73 84B20 Still Photographer
Tim Swoboda 69-70  
Robert Tarin 72-73 ASA 
Dannie Taylor 66-67 MP
Tom Teter 70-72 S2
Robert P. Theis 62-64 ASA 05H
Tommy Tolbert 64-66 058/059
Bob Tracy 55-58 Ops. Company
Howard Vanderpool 65-67 HQ Co. Adjutant's Office
Bill Veach 60-62 Dependent
Alan Voice 59-62 MESA 722 Crypto
Jim Warren 68-70 NMSD 05K2H2
Terry Warren 68-72 STRATCOM Tech Control
Sherman Watstein 69-71 AFRTS
Jim Webber 70-72 ASA Con Maintenance 76P20
Supply and Tow Truck Operator
Herman Wheeler 61-63 Army
Charles White 53-54  
Ed White 70-71  
Bob WilcoxNew! pics updated (3/03/20) 63-64 USAH Dental
Joe Wilder 67-70 STRATCOM
Tom Winowiecki 72-73 STRATCOM, Tract B Receiver Site
Dan Wood 67-71 ASA Tract C
James Wright 67-70 STRATCOM Gura
Bob Young 62-63 Guard Company
George "Zaz" Zasadil 67-68 A Trick, Co A
Joe Zeibel 69-70  
Other Contributors to the Kagnew Vet's Photo Pages
Dr. Hannes Ulrich Neugebauer Graefelfing, Germany
Kiros Taffere Born in Asmara