Tom Winowiecki
Tract B Receivers



New pictures posted September 16, 2010
A note from Tom:

I had a time locating the stickers I was telling you about. I found them and they were all curled up. What a mess but I did manage to get them nice and flat again. The backing is what made them curl up from drying out. Guess that isn't to bad for over 38 years old just since I had aquired them. I have numbers 484 - 499, don't know what happened to 500 it would have been nice to have. None of these stickers have ever been used.

I tinkered with your Kagnew sticker (hope you don't mind) and added the Stratcom patch to it. It is only for my use because I am proud to have served there. I have had several people ask when I was there and they told me when they were there. Quite a conversation piece.

Also there is one picture that I acquired from an office that was going to be trashed. I latched onto it and kept it. It was glued to a piece of cardboard and wilted somewhat over the years but I tried to make it look as good as possible. It is someone's photoshop work but looks kinda neat, Ships on the hillside along the road to Massawa.