Robert Beeson
'58-'60 Microwave, Xmitter Site


Added June 12, 2007
  • Barracks "EM 231", [1] | [2]according to your plot map. This was the EM barracks between the Gymnasium and the Mess Hall in 1958. You can see the roof of the gym behind the barracks. (You can also see the Top 3/5 club at the right of the photo-Rick)
  • The Post Chapel, possibly 1959 not 58. It was taken the same day Haile Salassie came to the base.
  • The swimming pool was not enclosed when it was built around 58-59. Here is how it looked. It had not been finished very long. Shot from 3rd floor of STRATCOM barracks.
  • Tennis courts, 1959. You can see the practice wall on this side of courts. (We thought it was for handball-Rick) Military formation was on the way to a field parade in back of the STRATCOM barracks. You can see the corner of the pool area at the right side.
  • The Navy standing around with no where to go. They must of lost their boat. Ha Ha... This shows the other end of the pool. Many laps swum there.
  • Kagnew Station Main Gate, 1958.
  • Transmitter composite. I finally finished a project I wanted to do 45 years ago. I took 4 photos from the top of the microwave antenna tower and merged them all into this photo. This antenna was 250 foot tall, (at least it seemed that tall). It may have been 150 ft, I can't remember. I had to climb to the top once a week to check things out. The smaller roof to the lower right on the pad was a covered emergency generator that could keep the microwave equipment up and running when the generator plant went down.
  • This was Pete, the head houseboy in the STRATCOM barracks while I was there from 58-60. Was he still there when you were there? (Yes Bob, Pete was my houseboy in 69-70, although a few years older-Rick) Building in background is again #231 on your post map.
  • Family Housing S 202-204. These three houses are #S202 and S204, as per your Post Map and to the rear across the street is S203. Photo taken from top floor of STRATCOM barracks, 1959.