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Lee Ruebush's Trip to Eritrea 2000
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June 5, 2002

I'm sure everyone is aware of Lee Ruebush's trip to Asmara in 2000. Lee sent sent me a CD with a 135 pictures, but because of past disk space limitations I have not been able to post his pictures. With the new sponsorship I am happy to report that I now have them all posted. I'm sure you'll see some major changes to places you remember so this will be quite a trip down memory lane.

The pictures are presented alphabetically as they appeared on the CD. I don't have any descriptions so I will be using the filenames he placed on the images as descriptions. A lot of them will be self-explanatory.


I have purposely saved most of them in a large format so you will get the full impact of the pictures. Some are fine for a computer using an 800 resolution, but if it is possible, you should change your computer settings to a 1024 resolution. Otherwise you will be scrolling to the right to see all of the pictures.