George "Zaz" Zasadil
'67-'68 ASA


  • Another great shot of "the church", San Antonio Cathedral.
  • "Fat" Mike Powers final day in Ethiopia. Feb. '68. Not many guys had a "Bar Hostess" see them off.
  • June 1968, just before going to the Airport to see Jerry Wilkinson and Steve Popko off to the USA. I don't know who's car I'm standing on, but Popko's Grossmobile is the one behind me. The double window in the upper left corner is the 2 man room that I share with Bill Atwell.
  • June 1968, at the Airport. Farewell to Wilk and Popko (not pictured)-both PFC's when leaving Asmara (although they were SP/4's at one time). Their departure made Maddog and me the last of the original "A Trick" Gross Guys.
  • PFC's Jerome B. Wilkinson and Steven S. Popko, the original "Men in Black" enjoying their last Melotti Beer in the lounge at the Asmara Airport. It was Athens, Rome and Home!
  • Harry Osteen and my good buddy "Danny Dog" taken in January 1967, Company D, Fort Devens, Mass. We were still in 05K school at this time and I had just taken over the "dog handling" responsibilities from Champagne. I loved that slobbering Mascot. He kept me off of Fire Watch & KP.
  • A rare picture of ASA Webmaster "Cactus Mike" (aka Maddog) Doran "riding tall in the saddle" taken in July/August 1968. The two heads to the left are Merle Busic and Mike Andersson. I can't find the one of me riding backwards; being a city boy, I put the wrong foot in the stirrup and ended up facing the business end of the horse.
  • Stop by the barber shop for a military trim.
From Placido "Wop" Borruso, "B" Trick, Co A