W. H. "Bill" Phillipson

Liasion Office/Aviation Platoon, 64th Engineer
Bn-Topographic Survey, Ethiopia-US Mapping Mission
Lidetta Airport in Addis Ababa

  • Aerial shot of a village church in Shoa province..
  • H.I.M. with COL Hamer on an annual visit.
  • Villa near Addis on the final approach to Lidetta Airfield.
  • Blue Nile bridge.
  • Blue Nile gorge from the south rim looking west during rainy season.
  • New UH-1H choppers replacing the loss of US-1Bs (One to the ELF!).
  • Ethiopian Army setting up a perimiter around our LZ at Galadi.
  • The Ethiopia-US Mapping Mission liason office at Kagnew, next to the hi-fi shop.
  • New English House. Located at the north end of Addis on the Debra Marcos Road, this house had been at various times the US Embassy (early 1920's), headquarters for the Italian Army Artillery Corps (1935-41), and at the time of this photo (1970) - residence of GI's, Peace Corps Volunteers (PCV's), British Volunteers in Service Overseas (VSO's), and various hangers-on and passers-through. Many of the latter were either recently arrived from - or headed to - Kabul, Katmandu, and Sri Lanka. Well stocked from the class 6 store and Commisary, one would be correct in assuming that it was the scene of some very good parties, both official and otherwise
  • UH-1H on field classification mission for Dover Party in the Semien Mountains in Tigre Province.
  • Dover Party camp at Dembidolo.
  • Hunting party flying in a UH-1B along the Awash River near the Mitchell Cotts plantation at Tendeho.
  • Aerial view of a village in Showa province.
  • Field shower for Dover Party. The survey parties stayed in the field for up to 6 months at a time They went to Kagnew for R & R - and were deleriously grateful for it.
  • Roxanne Wilder, visiting Kagnew from Addis.
  • This was HIM's personal "get-out-of-town-quickly" fleet, a gift from the Soviets; a few of whose technicians can be seen around the aircraft. Embarrassingly for the Russians, our new Hueys demonstrated conclusively that they could outperform their helicopters....mind you, it took a few unauthorized 'adjustments' to the fuel controls.....
  • Al Hartley repairing a broken drive shaft on his M38 Jeep on the Debra Markos Rd.
  • Omoro men and boys visiting the Mapping Mission C47 near the Omo River just above the Kenya border.
  • At the Ras Hotel at Bahar Dar after driving a 2 1/2 ton fuel truck for 48 hours with no sleep in order to beat the rainy season.
  • James Kirkland (foreground) with Ethi soldiers and Kenya border police filling the water trailer. Kids swimming in the background are very brave, as there are crocs in this river. Two days before a herd of elephants tore a nearby banana patch..
  • A marabout stork (center of photo) standing guard over a termite monunddoubling as the latrine (note the GI paper on the stick). .
  • Inside the Mapping Mission barracks.
  • The semi-official "crest" of the Mapping Mission.
  • The Mapping Mission UH-1B captured and burned by the ELF in 1965 or 66 (before my time) The crew and passenger were taken prisoner and then subsequently released or escaped (depending on who's telling the story). This incident was one in which the local ELF'ers had clearly exceeded their orders, as Mapping Mission - as well as Kagnew - had (at that time) some pretty clear understandings with the ELF about security of US personnel and property..