Robert Hart


New! Bob was able to come across some recent photos of Radio Marina (Algen Camp).
Water Tower [1] | [2] and the Main Gate.

The photo was taken next to the headquarters building looking toward the main gate on Via Padre Reginoldo Giuliani. The post commander, Col.Edward O. Hopkins is escorting Haile Selassie's son to a podium placed in front of the HQ building, next to the flagpole. The ceremony was rather brief, lasting about one hour as I recall, and was attended by most of the post personnel as well as many locals who were invited for the occasion.

(May 20, 2008) Craig Rothhammer, son of ET1 Gerald "Jerry" Rothhammer of the Radio Marina Navy Communications Unit Three (NCU-3), recently sent me the attached picture of his dad's unit being inspected by their CO, Lieut. Ernest Larson. I believe the Navy guys were billeted in one of the barracks at the other end of the ball field (at least during my time there), but the barracks in the picture looks like one of the barracks across from the mess hall.

Craig said his father (deceased) served in Asmara from December 1951 through May 1953, which precedes my tour, but overlaps some of yours. He said his dad was active in ham radio, so am wondering if you knew him in the ham club.

Bob has added a couple of pictures of the Asmara Civil Airport, circa 1953. Great pictures: [1] | [2]

I think the attached view of Haille Selassie Avenue that I snapped in 1953 reflects the quiet charm of downtown Asmara during my time there. The cathedral is on the left, and a Melotti sign is partially visible on the right. There were lots of gharry carts and bicycles, but few cars then. Notice the left hand drive rule was still in effect, a carry-over from the British Administration that was concluded just one year earlier.

Bob found another photo during the Kagnew dedication ceremony on July 23, 1953. He says the stone marker in the picture was located in front of the Headquarters Building on Radio Marina and it looks very similar to the marker on the "new" post. Can anyone verify that?

Bob just notified me that Bob Fields ('53-'54) emailed him and told him that this was one of Haile's sons, the one who later deposed H.I.M. and was instrumental in having him imprisoned!
  • This license tag was issued during my time there (1953 - 1955) to those few lucky GI's who had cars. The American flag was prominently displayed on the tags to ward off shifta when motoring out in the country side. I believe these tags were also used by US Consulate personnel next door to our compound.
  • Remember our "Empire of Ethiopia" ID badges? [Front] | [Back].
  • NewOasis Club gate around 1953.