Roy "Rusty" King


  • "Our Crew" as Rusty calls it.

    This photo was taken in the Fall of '73 in one of the banquet rooms at the old TOP-5 club following the Navy's take over of the base officially. Truly the begining of the end, but more on that another time. "Our Crew" was a varied group and this photo shows about a third of our closest friends. Rotation elsewhere, and being on duty limited the participants.

    Shown are from the back left are: Pat Lapollo, NJ, USA; Mike Haderer, NY, USN; Ed Szczepanski, PA, USN, (Our official designated driver, long before it was politically correct); Jim Duchins, NY, USN; yours truly, Roy King, TX, USN; middle row from left, a close Army friend of Pat Lapollo's whose name unfortunately escapes me, Tim Roney (the last name I can't be certain of!) AL, USN; Mike Kopriva, TX, USN; front row from left: Mike Demsey, OH?, USA; "Big" John Bachtell, MD, USN; and Andy Lumadue, PA, USN.
  • The Kagnew Main Gate at night
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