Ralph Reinhold


  • About an hour after the rain started on the first day of rainy season. I was fascinated by the grass turning from brown to green before my eyes.
  • Me standing by the company sign.
  • Standing in front of the company looking back toward the main gate
  • When I arrived at Kagnew, the barracks looked like the first slide. The second was taken the week I left 22 months later. This was the same week that people were moving into it.
    [1] | [2]
  • Ops barracks. My bay was at the top on this end. After I made SP5, my room was the middle of the three in a row with the windows open on this end and top.
  • Flowers [1] | [2] and poinsetta [1] | [2] trees around Ops company. The last picture inadvertently gives us a great view of the Top 5 club!
  • **The best shot yet of the fire station, snack bar, PX and clocktower (sorry, missing)!
  • Armed Forces Day, 1962 - [1] | [2] | [3] | [4]
  • Tract C from the field in front. Pictures were prohibited at the time.
  • Table at the scack bar at the miniature golf course, next to the Oasis club.
  • A great shot of the indoor swimming pool.
  • Library and Service Club are on the left. The Tailor Shop was on the backside.
  • The Roosevelt Theater, home of "the bird" on Armed Forces Day 1962.
  • Road to the STRATCOM site. Does anyone know what the tower was? And what kind of tree these are?
  • KANU News, the puppet show and Frank Wukowitz
  • Rainbow over the library after a rain shower.
  • Ops Co. flowers looking toward the Top 5 club.
  • A long view walking up to the Oasis Club with miniature golf on the left.
  • I took this picture for the AGIP dog. I don't know why I did it from Brazzaville.
  • I was interested in the Blonde (biandi). Just as I snapped the picture, she looked the other way. Tessuti Casalaine store also in the picture.
  • Castiello. I liked the building.
  • Somewhere on Haile Selasie Boulevard [1] | [2].
  • Asmara side streets [1] | [2] and downtown,
  • Same status as biandi. Notice the "Beauty Saloon".
  • ja ja may I remember someone calling this traffic circle something like this.
  • In Toward Asmara, the author reports a fascination with the bougainvillea covering the buildings. Now we know he was at Joe's Bar. The car to the right isn't a Nash Rambler, it is a FIAT 1800. Except for the Eritrean people in the center, I could pass this picture as being in southern Italy.
  • There is no doubt what scenery the 19 year old who took this picture was interested in. However, the buildings, etc. in the background will be of interest to y'all.
  • Obviously, it's supposed to be "Lloyd Triestino," the name on the building.
  • Messaggerie building.
  • I remember the TWA offices as being in this building.
  • Check out the cars in the Top 5 and Service Club lots. [1] | [2]
  • Train No. 202-007, manufactured by Breda in 1937, with a short train in front of the Melotti brewery in the surroundings of Asmara.