Sherman Watstein
'69-'71 AFRTS


  • Rain at Kagnew Station after 2 years of none.
  • 3 June 1971, 14 men of HHC promoted to E-5. First row: Watstein, Sherman (this is me); Mc Garry, Daniel; May, Harry Daughenbaugh, Ronald; Chembley, Lugene; Moorehead, Bob; second row, Scott, Joseph; Hooper, Jerry; Poche, Gaston; King, Randall; Zavertnik, Joseph; Burrows, William; and Jones, David. Taken in front of HHC Oderly room. Far left is CPT Charles Cummings, and on the right is 1sg Gordon Jannsen, 1sg HHC .
  • Change of Ambassador to Eithopia at airport in Asmara. 1970 or 1971.
  • Promotion ceremony, 3 June 1971. CPT cummings has us drop. I'm in the sun glasses and jacket..
  • Col Russel B. Jones (far rt), Col Richard B. Mosser, LTC George T. Shearin pass in review the Kagnew station post band during a change of command ceremony. Col Jones took Col Mosser's place as CO of Kagnew Station.
  • AFRTS staff. No names or date (guess late 1970 or 1971).