Robert CJ Krasner
NavComSta Navy Dispensary


  • In front of the Dispensary sign: [1] | [2] | [3] | [4] | [5]
  • On a camel
  • Robert Krasner in jungle gear.
  • Robert and ??.
  • A rare picture of the Dispensary OR in action. (Note: Tom Bennet writes in and says he is in this picture with the plaid hat. "The others in the photo were LT(jg) Larry Schivey in the background, Dr. Scribner to the right and Dr. Krasner in the middle working on the leg you see. I believe the patient was a local sheep herder by the name of Hargos (not sure of the spelling). He had been hit by one of the sailors with a motorcycle and busted up pretty bad. Hargos and I became pretty good friends even though he spoke no English. He was at the hospital for quite a few months and we basically "Americanized" him to the piont he didn't want to leave us. I never heard what happened to him other than he was shunned by his village when he returned." To Dr. Krasner: If you see this, Tom would like you to contact him. Check his roster entry for the email address.)