Terry Nelson
Massawa TTU



  • Staff at Massawa TTU, circa 1970.
    This is the best I can do for now---
    Back row l-r
    MP Larry Brewer, myself Terry Nelson, unknown, SP4 Schneider, SGT Nick ?, unknown, SGT Thomas J-Boat pilot
    Front Row l-r
    SGT Dickey, 1st SGT Newton, unknown, LTC Schlindler (CO), Exec. Off. Unknown, SGT Stanley, SGT Mills Adm. Supv., SGT Robertson.
  • I thought I’d show you what I was up to when I made four trips to Eritrea between 99-2004. These are hand pulled serigraphs (screen prints). Two of the ladies in the prints are people we know and visit when we go back ( Martyrs Mother – Ganet and Solomons Bride is named Alganesh, her husband is a friend and one of my travel companions when he can get away. He works for the government in a division of export. On the last trip my wife and I took Solomon, his wife Alganesh and 5 of their 7 kids to Gurgussom for the weekend, they have lived in Asmara all their life and never been to Massawa, they had a blast.
    Martyrs Mother
    Ancient Child
    The Way to Barentu
    Solomons Bride
    Harvest Noon