Bill Veach
Dependent 60-62



Bill just contacted me and said he will be sending new pictures in as he finds them. For now I'm starting with a great picture he sent of the 1962 Little League baseball team called The Zebras he played on. The Zebras was one of four teams that played that year. Bill notes "I do remember though that the year before we could only play softball. Moral support and 4 volunteer couches pressured the community hard for Little League approval, then for uniforms and equipment. We had to use the main ball field whenever the adult softball teams weren't using them. A white chalk line was drawn across the outfield as a home run fence. Anyone that hit a home run got 2 free meals at the club. All the volunteer coaches and the community really did a great job putting all this together. Whenever the Little League played, regardless if it was a day game or night game, it was standing room only."

I'm the 2nd player from the left, back row, Bill Veach.
4th player player from the left, back row, Felix ?
5th player player from the left, back row, Butch ?
Coach SFC Morris, 1st coach from the right, back row.

4/12/10 - DeeDee Valdez says "I’m thinking that in 1962 it may have been Robbie Bridges and Van (Beimfohr?)….. (back row), ….these boys would have been 11 – 12 yrs. old. Let me know what you think?"

If you can help identify anyone in this photo, please with that information so this page can be updatee. Click the photo for a larger image.
  • 1962 Kagnew Station Zebras.