Robert Tarin
'72-'73 ASA
Tract "C"/Stonehouse


  • A photo of Tom
  • A view from the STRATCOM barracks: mess hall, Special Services, Top 5 Club.
  • "Ethie Army" is how Robert describes this shot.
  • Tim Jacks (ASA, from Pennsylvania or Ohio?) in middle, unidentified Navy dink on left, unidentified STRATCOM guy on right. Photo taken at the Ethiopian Industrial & Commercial show in 1972.
  • Close-up of above photo. Help us identify the other two!
  • A couple of shots of the roads around Asmara. [1] | [2]
  • The streets of Asmara from the front seat of a car.
  • Robert Tarin doing a little sightseeing and posing!
  • A Coptic cross from the ground at the ruins of Queen Sheba's palace near Axum.
  • Shards of pottery from the same site.
  • Cover of Assignment: Kagnew Station in ethiopia, land where the sun shines thirteen months each year.
  • Bob's baggage tags from Ethiopian airlines: [1] | [2]
  • Ethiopian stamp from 1972 which lists the 80th birthday anniversary of Haile Selassie.
  • Alcohol Tax label from a bottle of beer, dating from 1972.