Gary Gordon
'61-'64 Dependent


  • Gary standing on the porch of his quarters (top right).
  • Brochure from the Villa Delle Rosa Boarding House - Pensione.
  • Gary's football letter from Asmara American HS.
  • New quarters that were built sometime around 1963 to 1964.
  • Back of my brothers Jacket (10K)
    I had one with a snake and panther on it. Does any one have one of those left I could get a picture of?
  • Crash (19K)
    Taken in the field in front of the Enlisted Quqrters (4 plex) sitting is Bay (Crash) Philbrick (ASA) about 1963 in back ground upper center is the ball field with the Pool in the background left center. That's me standing in red shirt and the 3 little ones are my brothers but don't know who the other person standing is. Crash used to race at the local track in a Belela (sp?) thus his nickname.
  • Tucal just outside Asmara
  • H.I.M. on a trip to Kagnew.
  • COL Keene N. Wilson, post commander circa 1964.