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Joe Wilder sent in this poem by Michael Norman about the reasons we have reunions.
I thought it would be appropriate to post it here - enjoy.

These Good Men
BulletCurrent Reunion Calendar (Updated 18 April, 2024 Kagnew Reunion update)

Bullet2022 Nashville Reunion, pictures provided by Tom Daly.
Bullet2014 Texas, 2015 Minnesota.
BulletPhil Tuck's group: 2014 Texas, 2015 Minnesota.
Bullet2014 Indy Kagnew Reunion, photos provided by Bruce Bryda
Bullet2014 Kagnew Navy Reunion held in San Antonio. Hosted by dependent Betsy Johnson, photos provided by Don Bates (65-66).
Bullet5th ASA Kagnew Reunion (2009) provided by George Matthias
Bullet2011 Indy Kagnew Photo Album provided by Bruce Bryda
Bullet2011 7th Annual Kagnew Reunion in Nashville (YouTube video courtesy of George Matthias) Note from George: For any of those vets that attended the reunion in Nashville and would like a DVD that was shown at the dinner, e-mail me and I'll get it to you.
** Added Nov. 18, 2011: YouTube video provided by Daniel Minchen
Bullet2009 Atlantic City Radio Marina Reunion (courtesy of Bob Hart)
Bullet2010 Annual "D" Trick Reunion (circa 63-64) at the home of John Byus outside Indianapolis. (Photos courtesy of Bruce Bryda)
Bullet6th ASA Kagnew reunion held in Baltimore, MD. These pictures were sent in by Allen Peacock.
BulletMini-reunion at Katz's Deli in New York. Left to right: Bob Arslanian, Med Det, 59-61; John Hathaway, Guard Co., 57-59; Tom Mueller, HQ Co. 60-62; Hank Fey, HQ Co., 59-61.
BulletOver the weekend I had the honor of being a guest at the 2009 Annual "D" Trick Reunion (circa 63-64) at the home of John Byus outside Indianapolis. I had a great time meeting new friends and want to thank everyone for their hospitality. I'll have more pictures soon, but for now, here is a group picture of the gang.
BulletPhilip Tuckner had a reunion recently with old friends and sent in a few pictures. First time they've seen each other in 43 years!
BulletFrom George McLaughlin: These are my Navy buddies from Asmara [1] [2] who get together every couple of years or so for a reunion. I'm usually on hand but couldn't this year. From left to right they are Terry Hunt, Gary Burtner and Bruce Matthews. Reunion was at Bruce's place in Cincinnati. That's my picture they are holding.
BulletAsmara Reunion, September, 2007 in Des Moines, IA, courtesy of Jim Sayre.
BulletLunch with Bob Arslanian. Our first eyeball since 1961. Thanks to your page we were able to hook up. Thanks again for the page where old friends find each other. October, 2008, courtesy of Hank Fey.
BulletKagnew "Mini Reunion", Stables Bar, Canton OH, October 10th, 2008, courtesy of Hank Fey.
Bullet4th Annual Kagnew Station Reunion in Charleston, SC, courtesy of George Matthias.
Bullet2008 50s Radio Marina/Kagnew Reunion, in Lancaster, PA, courtesy of Bob Hart and Charlie White.
Bullet2007 3rd Annual Kagnew Reunion held at Niagara Falls, courtesy of George Matthias
Bullet2007 50s Radio Marina/Kagnew Reunion, in Gettysburg, PA, courtesy of Bob Hart and Charlie White.
Bullet"C" Trick Reunion, March, 2007 in Nashville, TN, courtesy of John Sims.
BulletThe HF Communicator's Reunion in Sierra Vista, AZ, October, 2006, courtesy of Dan Crockett.
BulletThe NavCommSta Asmara Reunion in Burlington, VT, September 28 - October 1, 2006, sent in by Don Bates.
BulletThe Radio Marina / Kagnew Station Reunion in Atlantic City, September, 2006, sent in by Bob Hart.
Bullet"D" trick reunion in Indianapolis, September, 2006, sent in by Jim Armstrong.
       ** More pictures from Bruce Bryda (New 12/02/06)
Bullet58-60 reunion in Orlando, April 10, 2006, sent in by Jack Hill.
BulletThe 2006 Kagnew Station 1965-1969 Group in Easton, MD, in honor of Larry "Spook" McKay.
BulletThe 2005 "D" Trick reunion in Indianapolis, sent in by Jim Armstrong.
BulletFirst Annual Kagnew Station Opns. Co Reunion, Grapevine, TX Oct 6,7,8, 2005
BulletJohn Sims sent in this photo from the 63-65 "C" Trick Reunion in Memphis (2005). He also sent in a letter (MS Word document) giving us a rundown so check it out.
Bullet2004 Myrtle Beach Guard Co. Reunion.Guard Co. | Operations Co.
BulletPhoto from 2004 60s era Indianapolis Reunion.
BulletPhoto from 2004 Radio Marina / Kagnew Station 50s Reunion in Atlantic City, NJ.
BulletPhoto album from Portland Navy Reunion, courtesy of Don Bates.
BulletThe May ASA "C" Trick in Nashville, courtesy of John Sims.
BulletPhoto from Ops. Company reunion, May, 2004
Bullet2003 Kagnew Reunion, Las Vegas, June 2003
BulletPhoto from an ASA reunion in Indianapolis, September, 2003.
BulletPhotos from a 58-60 mini-reunion in Kissimmee, FL April 1, 2003.
BulletPhotos from the Oct 31st-Nov 3rd 2002 Navy reunion in Charleston, SC.
BulletGroup shot, Asmara "early/mid '50s" reunion, Hershey, PA, September, 2002.
BulletGroup shot, Asmara "early/mid '50s" reunion, Hershey, PA, May 2000.
Bullet1999 Kagnew Reunion Pictures, Treasure Island, FL.
BulletPhotos from the October 1998 Navy reunion in Cincinnati!

BulletDoes anyone remember the guys in this group picture from an Asmara reunion in the Washington DC area around 84-85?

From Dick Lilienthal: This photo is the predecessor to the above group picture. From what Gene Price heard, into the 60s it sat in the window of "photo Celero's" shop downtown Asmara with the label: "ALCOHOLIC UNANIMOUS".

BulletOur resident dependent Linda Caudell-Feagan recently had a reunion with an old Italian friend from Asmara. He only lives two hours from her! Here are the pictures.
(Updated 4/14/04) Linda has just sent in another note about connecting with an old friend from Asmara she hadn't heard from in 30 years! (See it here) And she tells me they had a mini-reunion in Arlington, VA a few weeks ago and she sent in pictures of that reunion.
(Updated 8/13/05)Would you believe Linda found another old friend?