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  New! May 20, 2010
Red Ball Another picture of your 1999 Kagnew Reunion hosts Zazz, Rick and Rob. (Zazz passed away in 2009)
(courtesy of Dave Nelson)
Red Ball Rick, wife Diana (carrying our daughter Rhiannon who is now 10) and our friend Jerry Niemeier from Tech Control.
(courtesy of Dave Nelson)

Red Ball Beautiful African silk scarf given away as a door prize.

The scarf represents a print of a famous painting by a then famous Ethiopian painter called AFEWORK TECLE. The scarf first appeared in the duty free sales on board ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES. It is pure silk.
Thanks to Abeba Isahac for this information.

Red Ball Your 1999 Kagnew Reunion hosts Zazz, Rick and Rob.
Red Ball Zazz, Rick and Bob Coleman.
Red Ball The STRATCOM crew
Lee Ruebush, Don Nye, Roger Sprunger, Bob Coleman, Mike Dennis, Joe Wilder, Irwin Higgs, Rick Fortney, Jerry Niemeier.
Red Ball Chuck Johnson, Tom Daniel, Howie Kerner & Chuck Moulton
Red Ball Chuck Moulton & Tom Daniel
I've started putting pictures online and a lot of the group will be ASAers. Not being of that persuasion, I'm going to need everyone's help to make sure I have the correct identification for all those who attended. If you see a picture with question marks or a name that is incorrect, please email me right away with the corrections. I apologize for not remembering everyone's name. Hopefully after doing all these pictures I should. If anyone can help me out I'd be grateful. Thanks.
Red Ball ASA Left
Standing: Chuck Moulton, Jerry Pry, Bob Reece, Harry O'Steen, George Zasadil, Mick McCombs, Chuck Johnson, Gary Field, Rob Robinson, Billy Ray Lowery.
Kneeling: ??, Bill Prout, Howie Kerner
Red Ball ASA Right
Standing: ??, Val Zibung, Gordon Foster, Jack Hannigan, Tom McCrea, Don Joye, Gilbert Duncan
Kneeling:Tom Daniels, Jim Haskins, Bob Dymond

I have another picture coming for the right side with a few more guys in it so watch for that.
Red Ball Your host Rob with Victoria, the youngest attendee. That's her mother Claudia standing behind them
Red Ball STRATCOM'S Mike Dennis and Bob Coleman.
Red Ball My STRATCOM Commanding Officer Col. Irwin Higgs and his wife Betty in the moonlight dance.
Red Ball Jack & Karen Hannigan, Ellen & Jerry Pry and Billy Ray Lowery.
Red Ball Linda & Jim Haskins, Lavelle & Billy Ray Lowery.
Red Ball Addy & Chuck Moulton, Susi Wooton & Larry Fitzpatrick, (foreground) Patty Prout.
Red Ball Mike ??, Gilbert Duncan, Doug ??, ??.
Red Ball We said casual, and Bob Reece took us to heart. The reunion was relaxed!
Red Ball Don Nye and Professor Peter Garretson. Prof. Garretson was at the reunion doing research on a future book about Kagnew Station.

August 12th
Red Ball Don Nye's memorabilia, including a baboon head, 64 Ethie license plate, mess hall menus from Thanksgiving and Christmas 63 and assorted Kagnew Gazelles.
Red Ball A view of the beach and the Don CeSar hotel from a boat in the gulf.
Red Ball The Kagnew reunion parasailers (all STRATCOM except Bill):
Rick Fortney, Bob Coleman, Bill Prout (723 Comm Spec) and his daughter Cory, Jackie and Mike Dennis
Red Ball Rick going up for a ride.
Red Ball Rick going down for a dunk, courtesy of his "friends?"
Red Ball Now that is getting up there, 600+ feet!

September 1st
Red Ball The Eritrean contingency! I'll try to fill the names in soon.
Fulvia Wasserman, ??, Carmen O'Steen, Claudia Wasserman (baby Victoria), Raymond Lambert, Graziella Lambert, ??, ??.
Red Ball Larry Fitzpatrick, US Navy Comm Station, and his African trophy.
Red Ball The Kagnew spouses/companions, left and right, with Zazz in the background of course! Has anyone noticed he's always in the picture with the ladies?
NOTE: When I get my new software I'm going to try to put these together for a better picture.
Red Ball My wife Diana getting words of wisdom from STRATCOM's CO COL. Higgs with our buddy Joe Wilder listening intently.
Red Ball Vera Ruebush telling Lee how much fun this is! Also Jerry Niemeier, Mike Dennis, Bob Coleman and Joe Wilder.
Red Ball After dinner conversation at Howie Kerner's (right w/blue shirt) table with Gary and Linda Field (2nd & 3rd on left).
Red Ball Antionetta Kearvey and Graziella Lambert in good company with Jerry Niemeier.
Red Ball Wonder what this conversation was about? Standing l-r Rob Robinson and Roger Sprunger. Seated: Unidentified (sorry), Gilbert Duncan and Chuck Moulton.