From Philip Tuckner:

Four of us had a little Kagnew station reunion this past weekend. It was 43 years since we were together and over there and we had a awesome time. We were in Stratcom 1965-1966.

The first picture is from 1966, from left to right, SP5 Matt Alvarez, SP5 Tom Forester, SP5 Phil Tuckner and SP5 Willie Kamps. The second picture is our picture in the same order but 43 years later. Although we have stayed in touch over the years this was the first time we have all been together in 43 years! We had a ball and laughed until we cried. The last picture is us clowning around from left to right Phil Tuckner, Tom Forester, Matt Alvarez and Willie Kamps. The reunion was near Lac De Flambeau, Wisconsin.

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All were 1965-1966:
SP5 Tom Forester was the mail clerk at STRATCOM HQ Co.
SP5 Matt Alvarez worked at the Stratcom Gura satellite tracking Site Antenna man.
SP5 Willie Kamps worked at the Transmitter Site Transmitter Repairman.
SP5 Phil Tuckner worked at the Stratcom Gura Satellite Tracking Site Fixed Station Receiver Repair.

Tom lives in Minnesota
Willie Lives in Wisconsin
Matt lives in Texas
Phil lives in Minnesota