1998 Kagnew Station Navy Reunion Photos

Updated 26 April 1999

Bullet Photo 1
Anne Huntley, Jamroon Bucher, J.D. Harrison, Betty Doddridge.
Bullet Photo 2
Nancy Brown, Wythe Brown, Sandy Gascon, Ron Gascon.
Bullet Photo 3
Bonnie Warnow, Nancy Brown, Brown's daughter, Wythe Brown.
Bullet Photo 4
Steve Huntley, Bud Doddridge, Arlene Harrison, Betty Noggle.
Bullet Photo 5
Arlene Harrison, J.D. Harrison, Betty Noggle.
Bullet Photo 6
Background: Dave & Donna Faulkner. Seated: Mirenda & Jimmy Douglas.
Bullet Photo 7
Max Jones, Paddy Jones, Rose Lapajenko.
Bullet Photo 8
Rose & Nick Lapajenko; Claudia Sticht, Ed Hanemann.
Bullet Photo 9
Far left is Joe Cravens, center foreground Ed Hanemann. Directly behind him Harry Ramsden (glasses), Jim Crews (crew cut). In red dress: Jung Ramsden. Blue dress: Jamroon Bucher. Behind her, unidentified. Far right with camera: Barbara Lopes. Standing in back with the white sweater; Pat Hanemann?
Bullet Photo 10
Ron Gascon, Sandy Gascon, Robert Warnow and Bonnie Warnow.
New March 9th
Bullet Photo 11
John and Debra Bush.
Bullet Photo 12
Agnes Crews, Crews' daughter Destiny, Jim Crews, Harry Ramsden.
Bullet Photo 13
Chuck Dicken, Nelson Eagle, Beverly Eagle, remainder unidentified.
Bullet Photo 14
Louis & Alberta Hart (?), Clara Pimple.
Bullet Photo 15
Walter Scott, Marian Scott, Donald Luallen, Chuck Dicken.
Bullet Photo 16
Clockwise from upper left: Nellie Bates, Don Bates, Dennis Young, Sharon Young, Donna Faulkner, Dave Faulkner, Jeanne Coleman.
Bullet Photo 17
Jeanne Coleman, Joe Cuellar, Vera Chitwood.
Bullet Photo 18
Donna Faulkner, Dave Faulkner, Jeanne Coleman, Joe Cuellar.
Bullet Photo 19
Don Bates (barely visible), Dennis Young, Sharon Young, Donna Faulkner.
Bullet Photo 20
Ed & Elaine Patterson
Bullet Photo 21
Elaine Patterson, Mary & Ernest Morningstar.
Bullet Photo 22
Barbara Lopes, Ron Gascon, Sandy Gascon; Bud Doddridge in background. Ron's grin is because just before I snapped it, I told him, "Say shewate."
Bullet Photo 23
John Lopes, Barbara Lopes, Ron Gascon.

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