Radio Marina / Kagnew Station 50s Reunion
September 17-19, 2002, Hershey, Pennsylvania

Front row (L-R): Bob Hart, Jack Rockwell, Leslie "Dad" Noland, Bill Koons, Charlie White.

Back rows (L-R) (all standing): Fred Koons, Frank Morgan (with tie), Boyd Outz (with jacket), Charlie Booth,
Joe Schaeffer, Bob Snyder, Jerry Pry, Charlie Dornan, George Keenan, Jim Moller, Hank Padva, Ron Warren,
Ed Trodden, Joe Whyte, George Garmus (with red suspenders), Al Gricoski (holding Kagnew bumper sticker).

Al Griscoski was the "oldest" vet at the reunion. His tour at Radio Marina started in 1948.
Bob Hart, '53-'55

2002 Hershey Kagnew Station Group Photo