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If you have someone you are looking for (veteran, dependent or local), please use the all new Kagnew Station Message Board forums for your requests. You will be able to post your information there and also to search postings. I feel that this will give you a better opportunity to post your descriptions than I have in the past, and will also free me up for more projects on the Kagnew page.

The pages below contain all "Looking For" requests submitted to the Kagnew Home Page prior to 11/06/2000 and will continue to reside here for future use. I hope you enjoy using the new forum and have success in your searches.

People Search Engines
  1. Four 11
  2. InfoSpace
  3. internet @address.finder
  4. National Address Server
  5. Online Social Security Death Index Search
  6. Reunion Registry
  7. Start Here
  8. Switchboard
  9. Who Where
  10. Yahoo People Search
Kagnew Looking For Pages

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