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Name Years Last Known Info Who's Looking?
Fat Herb
Stevie Wonder
Red Hot
late 60s These were nickname call signs the guys used. Do you know where they are now? "Cactus Maddog" Doran
John "Boston 2" Hallahan
Bill Benach '73 ET who was engineer for AFRTS Roland Richter
George Church '72-'73 SGT, Radio Comm. Tech Dagmawi Yemenu
Anthony Falter '71-'72 Last heard from '72 Norfolk, VA, aboard USS Sierra. His girlfriend, a "brown-bagger" named Anne (17-18) had emergency appendectomy Jan. '72 Richie Da Hat
Benjie Hulsopple Jr. '72 Last know in CA. Carol Arsenault Barta
Ed Johnson/Johnston '70-'72 CPO. Wife Joyce worked at Dental clinic. Rode a white BMW. George Wunderly
Paul Kohls ?? RM2, Last known working in Cleveland at Navy Finance Center. Dennis Davidson
10588 Scotney Ave NW
Uniontown, OH 44685
Bill Lavash '55-'57   Judy Hatt
Kelly Neff '70-'71 Navy (Specomm Div) radioman. Did weekend radio show. Put Wolfman Jack in middle of a Sunday Chapel service. Sparky and Nelly
John Pendergrass '70-'72 Possibly from Arkansas. Don Lehmer & Mike Harmon
Email info here
James Ray '65-'67 RM, DOB: May 28. East coast after Kagnew Larry Rogers
Susan Riker early 70s NavCommSta. Husband Bob died in Mayport Fla in 75. John Janulis
Kevin Van Benten '69-'70 RMSA, listed in '69 Christmas Gazelle John van Benten

Bill Clark, Tracy Riff, "Butch" Breedlove, Richard Planky, Paul Vinolla '72-'74 NavCommSta R Payne
Rick Diehl
David A. Popp
Danny Eidson
Jeff Simmons
Steve Yandek
Ivring (Bogey Man)
'73-'74 Tract D KANSAS
Kansas City, MO
Terry Winfrey
Steve Cook
Richard Benson
Greg Braunius
Larry Morrison
'72-'73 San Francisco
Any other shore patrol officers??
Fred Zieglar
Joe Cosenza
Russell Belmont
Tony Chiarini
Al Zuber
Kent Kittsmiller
Ron Coppens
Glenn rohrbeck
late 50s New York
New York
Detroit, MI

All CommUnit 3
Phil Argento
Dave Clark
Jack O'Connell
'71-'74 Radioman, extended in 74 for one year
Radioman from Easton Pennsylvania
Pete Skarulis
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