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Guard Company

Name Years Last Known Info Who's Looking?
Frank E. Barnes '61-'62 Last Known in '75 at: Apt. 1C, Starling Terrace, Stratford, NJ, (609) 784-4540. Herb (Carol) Heberling
865 Corte Safiro
Camarillo, CA 93012
(805) 383-6554
Bill Beach '67-'69
** FOUND **
Last known at ASA HQ in Arlington VA. From the DC/Maryland area.
Robert E. Patterson
Cliff Bolger '60-'62 ASA MP ? Julie Tricano
George Coates '67-'68 ** FOUND ** Bill Brooks
LTC Deringer '65-'66 Provost Marshal ?? Bob Cristopher
SFC Lovell/Loval ? '58   Darrell Large
John A. Martinez '60-'63 Last known Homestead 1964. Opns Co. SSG USA ret. SMJ later on. "Crash"
Abe Nevelizer early 50s
William O'Donnell '55-'58 From Rhode Island Robert Tonnon
Paul E. Rowan mid 50s Was best man at wedding of William C. Hensley Jr. (MP 54-58 now dec.). William's son is looking for Paul. Victor Hensley
Jim Turner '64-'65 Waterloo, IA Winston Metcalf
Charles Walters '66 Worked in Provost, married Lilly from Asmara. Don Hardy
Al Walters
Harold Felker
Bill Beach
'67-'69 Left for Nam in '67 or '68. Last known PA
Last known MD
Last known MD
Duane C. Smith, Wage Zigler, Bob Sangster, Sam Perla, Bowdie Yates, Lonny Hardin, Doug Mulligan, George Vowell, Doug Keeton & John Henry ??   Bob Young
Bill Foresman, Nick J. Sapone, Ronald Byrnes, Bryan Nerland '55-'57 Bob Fay or call
(520) 775-5007
Jim Anton
William Gary Eaton
Bill Foresman
Nick J. Sapone
'55-'57 NJ
Bob Fay
Nick Sapone
Jim Anton
Bill Foresman
Claude Poucher
Bill Eaton
'55-'57 New York
New Jersey
New York
Bob Fay
William Burns
Frank Pierce
Richard Swain
Danny Workman
James McLeroy
Bertram T. King
Sylvester Merit
Laurean A Griffiths
Robert Biedler
Harold Furness
Jody Wright
John D. Haley
All Late 50s-'60 TN
one of the New States
MA (I think)
Not sure
Boyce Cox
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