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Name Years Last Known Info Who's Looking?
Larry Don Adams '65-'67 Hq's Co. Clerk in Adjutant's Office. From Evansville, WY. Howard Vanderpool
John (Wop) Aglietti (?) mid 50s Morse intercept (ASA) mid-50's. Transferred to Scheyern, Germany. Any information would be appreciated as the Scheyern reunion group would like to get in touch with him.

--Dick Lilienthal tell us he found a John Aglietti in the SS death index, last known at 11432 Jamaica, Queens, NY. Can anyone verify this or give us some info.
Ralph Thadeus
Bud Amacher ?? Ran the Oasis Club. Crash
William C. Atwell Jr. '67-'68 ** FOUND ** Tom McCrea
Ed Babish '70-'71 ** FOUND **in Maryland. Rich Jones
Bill Bailey '70-'71 Kansas, Cherokee Indian. Russell Anderson
J.C. Baird '67-'68 Wife: Judy Bob Parker
William E. (Tex) Bauer '58-'60 Born 1938, in Houston until 1996, moved to CA - 058. Larry Freeman
William "Brad" Bauer '63-'65 Arabic linguist, from CO? Paul Brayman
Dave Baxter '67-'68 05D40, this was his 2nd or 3rd tour at Kagnew and he was getting close to retirement. Rob Robinson
William J. (Bill) Baylis ? B Co., Denver, CO? Richard Ellison
Richard Ellison
John Bennison '66-'67 Tract C, Co. B, French linguist Dave Marcos
Peter Bird '65-'67 Co. A 059 Bob Gorsuch
Joe Bishop '61-'63 SGT, Ops Co. From San Francisco. Last seen in Costa Mesa, CA in '68. Albert Shank
Miles K. Blanton "Doc" '64-'67 Ran craft shop behind gym. Was a musician, played the saxaphone in some of the bands. Keith Smith
Don Bloomquist '61-'63 059? Bob Knapik
John Boswell early 70s 05H. Last seen Ft Devens, early 80's, E-8. Mike Whelpley
Major A.T. Brainerd '69-'71 Public Affairs Officer, also PAO at Ft. Devens '72-'73. Del Reitz
John Bright '61-'63 Arabic linguist. From around the LA area and worked for the sheriff's dept. Bob Knapik
1SG Gene Burris '71 B Co. From Texas, possibly Galveston. Later promoted to SMAJ Hap Walker
Steve Carley '70-'72 SP5 Arabic Linguist Rick Person
Phil Carter ? 05K20 Was my pinnochle partner. We used to win tournaments at the service club on the wknds. SP5 last I knew Email info here
SFC Cook early 70s Stonehouse, manager of Jolly Hotel and frequent customer at the CPO club. John Janulis
Gary Cox '65-'67 SP5, 05K with Co. A. Later an 05H in 224th Avn Bn in Viet Nam. He was in the unit at Cam Rahn Bay (Crazy Cat) and the 138th Avn Co in Danang. He rode a 1966 Honda 450 Scrambler with bronze finish and chromed fenders. Mick McCombs
Co A, 05H.4F
Darel C. Daniels '67-'68   Tom McCrea
Mark Daoust '64-'66 05H20 from Wisconsin. Jim Norris
Gordon Davenport '52-'53 ** FOUND **
in Flint, MI. by Dick.
Dick Lliienthal
Jerry/Linda Dobson '67-'70 SSG 05H Albert (Ed) Grayson
Jack & Maggie Dodds '59   Don Taws
James E. Donnelly '67-'68
** FOUND **
in PA by Tom McCrea!
Co A. 05H20 from Harrisburg PA
Tom McCrea
Bill Dugger '56-'57 Motor Pool Jim Donald
??? Dupree '58-'60 Finance, from Lake Charles, LA Kendall Girard
Frank & Darlene Emma '56-'58 ASA Tom Salak
Jess & Myrt Ewing early 70s
** FOUND **
Contact: Michael Foster
SFC/NCOIC Stonehouse,
Stand-in godparents for our son's baptism.
Bill & Jan Larson
Dave Fenning '53-'55 ** FOUND ** William (Bill) Toth
Dean Gendusa '68-? 05D, originally from Addison, IL (became a cop there after service) Rob Robinson
John Vincent Giabov ?? Worked at tract D, did the charlie brown radio show and was the hand for the kiddy sock on the local kids tv show. from LA. Blackburn
Marty Goldman ?? Truck driver in motor pool. Drove those Deutz-Mageris Tractors. Robert Young
Philip Greenawalt '58-'60 Cook in M.H. Married Eritrean girl. Was about 24 years old. Fred Huff
Mike Gregory late 60s From CA Ken Love
Richard (Dick) Grimshaw '67-'69 05H20 Co A. Gary Suidikas
Ken Hammond mid 50s ** FOUND **
in Denver, CO.
Don Humphrey
John D. Haney '60-'62 058 from KY, Ft. Devens in '60 Art and Nancy
Maj Silas G. Hardy '56-'58 ASA Tom Salak
Dave Harris '69-'70 05H20 from Florida Alex Medrano
John Eric Hazam ? ** FOUND **
Now living in Africa. See "Outside" roster listing.
Richard Ellison
Rich Heacock '67-'69 05K20 Co A. Gary Suidikas
James Hollenbeck late 60s From Minnesota, 05H at Tract C. Spec 4? Jerry Scherer
L.D. Hill '67-'69 SGT Co A. Went to Devens 69 or 70. Gary Suidikas
Dennis "Denny" Holland (Carol) '67-'68 05D30, originally from PA, went from Kagnew to Bad Aibling where he ETS'd Rob Robinson
Thomas Horton ? B Co., Baltimore, MD? Richard Ellison
Richard Ellison
Steve & Pat Howard '67-'69 Might have been at Tract "A" and later with AFRTS. From Silver Springs, MD. Larry Limbach
Richard A. Intrau 60s 72B20, B Co., D Trick, from TX. John Hirsh
Michael "Mickey" Johnston '67-'69 04B Co B, Tract C. From Southern California Michael O. Hyder
Donald & Mavis Jones '56-'58 ASA Tom Salak
Tom Jones '55-'57   Judy Hatt
Daniel Kopaz '56-'58 ASA Tom Salak
Kenneth Kruse '65-? 05K20 SSG last I knew Email info here
George Kvet '56-'58 ** FOUND ** Tom Salak
Harry Lane circa '70 Ethiopian wife Berhana. Carl Akers
Dick Langford ?? Co. B. Probably a French linguist, home was Louisiana. Lew Colwell
Ron LaRouch mid 60s From the UP in Michigan. Tommy Tolbert
Allen Long (Betty) '67-? 05K, believe was originally from IL or IA Rob Robinson
Nick Lum '58-'61 Deceased
Stanley Macdonald '70-'71 Last known Florida Russell Anderson
Dennis McClure '67-'68 West Virginia Bob Parker
Clay McCullick '60-'61 Last known Hawthorn, Calif. Qrtrmstr sect., Hq's. Co. Birthdate: 6 April 1940. Dick Mullin
Alan Mund '56-'58 From California. Duke Wyatt
James Nelson '67-'68 Louisiana Bob Parker
MSgt Warren A. Noble '56-'58 ** FOUND ** Tom Salak
Adolph "Art" Orgera '53-'55 ** FOUND **  
John Osborne Early 60s  Sp/5 058.30, B Trick, Operations Company.Was from Florida Bob Graler
Cpt Ben O'Sickey '56-'58 ASA Tom Salak
Fred "Fritz" Palmer '61-'63 Fred wasCo A. 05H20, from NC an 058, home town Santa Rosa, CA. Was the organist at the Chapel. Joanne Dutch
Paul Peacock '67-'68 Pennsylvania Bob Parker
Robert "Bob" Phillips '67-'69 Co. B, Comm. Ctr. Tract C, Sgt Dick Johnson
Phillip J. Reilly '66-'68 NA
Richard ("Rennie") Renninger '63-'65 Opns. Co. John Barron
Richard Ringler '58-'60 058, rode red Guzzi motorcycle. Was a little guy but very loud. From Omaha NE. Larry Freeman
James "Jim" Roberts '69-'71 04B Co B, Tract C From Bridgeport CT. Last known in Darien CT. Michael O. Hyder
Randy Rowley '70   Ernie Miller
Wally & Jan Sczezniak '67 From Chicago area. He brought Jan to Asmara to get married. I think Wally re-enlisted and went to Shymia, Alaska. Valentine Zibung
Donald Searles early 60s
** FOUND **
HqCo Motor Pool Drove Nash s/w and dated former Miss Ethiopia. He and others captured by ELF on flats on hunting trip.
Jim Steele
David Sherling '67-'70 Co. B, Comm. Ctr. Tract C, Sgt. Dick Johnson
Mike Shuff '67-? ** FOUND ** Steve Waycaster
Titus G. Sibley '60-'62 Hq Co Motor Pool
** FOUND ** by David Coman.
Jim Steele
Small (Bill/Edward?) '51-'53 Ops Typewriter repair. Had a BSA. Bill Cross
Harry Efford Smith '61-'63 SP5, Ops (058) Last known in Lenoir, NC many years ago. H Odell
Richard E Sprague '59-'61 Com ctr. From Medford OR. Worked for IBM early 60s as a typewriter CE in Pasco Kennewick WA area. Then became a dentist, probably stayed in Wash, OR area. Don Jaster
Ray Sullivan '68-'69 05H20, Co. A. From TX. Played steel guitar in Oasis Club band. Steve Waycaster
Murray Sword '56-'58 In a band called The Swordsmen. From Houston, Texas. Duke Wyatt
Mike Tappan '67-'69 ** FOUND ** Gary Suidikas
Dick Thomas '59-'60 Cook E-5, wife's name Aileen. Fred Huff
Roger Thompson '67-'69 ** FOUND ** Gary Suidikas
Howie Vann mid 60s From Hempsted or Long Island, NY. Tommy Tolbert
William G Vogt 62 ** FOUND ** Jim Steele
Everett Walterhouse '61-'63 from IN Joseph Webb
SSG Wendt ?? 05K20 Dennis Mosley
William "Mike" Wigley '67-'68 Co. B. Radio Repairman on D Trick. Last contact was 1973 in Dallas. Was living outside of Dallas in Lewisville working as a CPA. John Haynes
Ray Wilburn '59-'61 HQ Motor Pool. Jim Steele
Bruce Williams '66-'68 Afro-American worked at Stonehouse. Co. B. Did choral work for the U. of Asmara and taught there May have come from AL. John Hirsh
Richard Zongie(sp) mid 60s From Lowell(?), MA. Tommy Tolbert
Unknown '62-?? SP5 in Finance that had a '63 Sprite
Robert Sexton
Richard Ringler
Paul E. Howard
James F McCreary
William E. (Tex) Bauer
Sgt. Leonhardt
John Stahl
Issac Stanley
Don Ryder
'57-'60 058 Houston. Drove red ford convert
058 Omaha, NE. Rode rusty mtrcycl
058 Waycross, GA
058 Owensboro, KY
058 Houston. Now in CA
T/C "D" trick.
058 Owned first NEW VW at Kagnew
058 Gambler, new Norton, slim, small
Navy at old post. Drove fiat race car for hobby shop
Larry Freeman
David Ward

David Wilson
'66-'69 Co. B, 04B Arabic Linguist, discharged at Kagnew, traveled to South Africa, South America and back to Hutchison, KS.
Co. B. Crypto-analyst, discharged at Kagnew, from Gary, IN.
Charley Hobbs
DeWayne Garner
Andrew Cook
Gail Miller
Mike Korter
Doug Forester
'64-'65 Decatur, IL 'C" trick Ops co 05H
IL Equip Maint
CA 05H
John Sims
Tom Stevens
Winston Shelton
Chester Strutthers
Jessie Lewis

Ed Hause
Paul Collins
Ops Co
St. Peter, MN
Santa Fe, NM
West Winfield, NY
Winston Metcalf
Paul Emert
Sgt. Hall
'71-'72 SP5
NCOIC, Tract C, D Trick
Richie Da Hat
John Alford
Mike Guadagno
Andrew Hebert
'58-'60 Batesburg, NC
Newburg, NY
Houma, LA.
Don Helton
Carr Patterson
Walter Sunderhaus
'70-'72 1LT w/ASA from Alabama
** FOUND **
Simon (Sam) Dengel
Jerry Strathman
David Holgate
Bob Tooley
Ben Mumme
Joe Barkalow
mid 60s Tract "C" and Stonehouse. Joe York
Jay Tucker
Jeff Raleigh
Kurt Vanderweg
Doug Mailey
Steve Manger
Joe Hagy
'67-'70 Linguists
CPT Urban's clerk
Co. A
John Holthouse
Ray Ellis
Paul Aries
George Townsend
Chester Morris
Paul Ard
Robert Robbins
'63-'65 Osh Kosh, WI
Baltimore, MD
C Trick, Greensburg, PA?
Paluski, TN
Harry Hart
Harvey Whitmire
Richard O'Dell
John Maddi
'62-'64 No info. Jerry Kiple
Sam Pierce
Art Cartwright III
'63-'65 Santa Rosa, CA
** FOUND **
Bruce Bryda
Tom & Betty Stevens
Winston Shelton
Chester Strutthers
Jessie Lewis
Ed Hause
Paul Collins
'63-'64 St. Peter, MN
Santa Fe, NM
West Winfield, NY
Ops. Co.
Winston Metcalf
Richard Dean Overton
Ron & Bev Butler
David Hand
'60-'63 Looking for old friends. Bob Latsha
Sgt Weber
Sgt Green
Doug Tracy
Jim Hegan
Gary Pelletier
Jerry Jones
?? Any information on any of these guys: Jerry Kiple
Peter "Red" Meyers
Jerry DeWald
Stephen Lee Downs
Rodney K. Raternik
Daniel McLachlan
?? 05H B Trick TC/reduce to SGT.
05H A or D Trick TC.
Wife Peggy; from Texas.
05H - B/D Trick - Grand Rapids MI
05K - Watch NCO D Trick. Wife Sandy. Worked in dental clinic.
Larry Hill

Sgt. Lester
Sgt. Perkins
Danny Stockwell
Lori Hanson
Phil Hunsinger
Kurt Wilson
Jim Tostrud
Gary Thompson
George Masonet
Lee Walterhouse
Bob Watkins
John Nash
'61-'64 all Ops Co., 058s.


San Francisco
Binghamton, NY

Brooklyn, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Bill Cochrane
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