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Name Years Last Known Info Who's Looking?
Anthony (Tony) Alonso '60-'61 Worked in the motor pool 60-61. Good friend of Buzz Sawyer. Susie Harris
John C. Ball '63-'64 OIC Lt. Arabic studies, adopted son of under Scty of State Everett Ball in Kennedy Administration. David L. McCall
Bob Banville '65 Was with SRU9. Dean E Scheid
Franca Birinesh 60s Married to Adam at Kagnew. Has sons Adam & Ricky. At ERO College 60-65. Last known Charleston, SC. Daniele Berachi
Brenda Bland '73 Worked at Stonehouse. Roland Richter
Roland A. Boggs '68-'69 None Anna Bishop
Maria Teresa Bolsi 60's Eritrean and Italian married to an American. Lived in the Carolinas.
Father Bob Bosse ?? Priest from Cincinnati area. Belonged to the order that taught at Comboni Collegio. Valentine Zibung
Terry Lynn Bradley
'58 Son of SGT and Mrs. Bradley. Family lived at Gezza Banda. Believed to be from the Northern States, possibly Michigan. Maria Horner
SP5 Richard Breckinridge '57-'59 058.2 Ops Co. "B" Trick Gen Search.
Last know in PA.
Frank Grady
Judge Berhe Byene Deceased Circuit court judge, studied law in Boston and returned to Eritrea. Should be about 70 yrs old.  
Domenico Cagnetta 50s-60s Lived in Asmara, Italian community. Worked for Navigatana factory US in Persian Gulf, Gidda in Saudi Arabia. Giuseppe Cagnetta
Sylvana Cheillini '63-'67 Lived at #7 Via Integie Illenie Casa (Geza?) Banda quarter. Cynthia (Peck)
Ralph D. Conley ?? Base Telephone Exchange Carl Akers
Joe Cravotta ?? From Leroy, NY, "e" section crypto. Missing a finger; drove a light blue Fiat convertible. Allen Peacock
Hugh Dawney ?? Civilian at Kagnew Mr. Kim
Clair Deemer '64-'67   Sharon Bon Durant
Joe Deveglia '70-'72 Navy, Gazelle Staff, Oxford, MA Mike Harmon
M. C. Dixon '59-'60 1844 Rivaro Rd., Toledo, OH Billy Lowery
Mike Durbin '71-'73
** FOUND **
Civilian at Stonehouse. Now living in Plano, Texas and works as an engineer for EDS (along with Glenn Estes another Kagnew Alumni)
Roland Richter
Roger Eldera '63-'64 Oklahoma, 98C20 David L. McCall
Norman Euesugi '63-'64 Hawaii, 98C20 David L. McCall
Catherine Ewing '70-'74 Teacher at Kagnew Station, transferred to Berlin. Should be in her sixties. Yebio Araia
Dr. James Fay '62-'65 Dentist (captain) possibly from Rhode Island. Ghebre Selassie Mehreteab
Eugene Fields '63-'65 Radio operator, left Asmara for Vietnam, then to New Zealand.
From South Dakota.
Paola Grazioni
c/o Marcello Fontani
Harold Flynn '59 last known 2621 "I" st, Bedford, Ind. Worked h/s morse. Allen Peacock
Richard Frantz '58-'59 from Ohio Bruce Pearson
Gaylon Fowler '59 last known Route 5, Fayette, Al. Worked cryptoroom "E" section. Allen Peacock
Travis Fowler ?? Rte 5 Bx 623, Texarkana, TX Allen Peacock
Gabriella mid 60s An Ethiopian woman who lived with us and cooked for our family. She was probably around thirty something then. I don't know her last name. My mother and father were Maxine and Thomas Mulvehill. My father was with the State Department and my mother worked for the U.S. Govt. If anyone knows of her whereabouts, we would love to contact her. She is one of the finest people I have ever known. Maureen Russell
Sodi Gahazay 60s Our house maid. May have came back to the States with a GI. Wayne & Sheila Andrews
Mulu Gede pre '70 I believe she got married an American man and left Asmara before 1970. She was born in Tigri Ethiopia Teame Woldehaimanot
Ph: (718) 855-2573
Gertude Gleasure(sp) ? Point Four Tom Salak
David L. Green '68-69 Last known on Cochran Rd in Lawrenceville, VA. Ronald J. Perry
Philip Greenawalt '59-'60 Cook. Married an Eritrian girl. Was about 24 old. Fred Huff
Dale Harger '61-'64
** FOUND **
Was my teacher "American Peace Corps" 61-64. He taught in Bet Gherghis Middle School. Might have been employed by Manpower, Washington DC when he returned to US.
Yared Elsae
Don Hatfield late 50s Last known in Oregon Carroll "CT" Brown c/o
Rice Hershey '58-'59 from Scranton, PA Bruce Pearson
Brad Hansen '59-'60 2974 Jackson St. Saginaw, MI Billy Lowery
Hoekstra early 70s Pediatrician. MAJ ?? Abbey Ghermay
Mr. Holenbeck '68 from KY Arturo Lombardo
Father Hugo DeMaria mid 60s Franciscan priest served as chaplain at Kagnew. Was associated with a church in Addis Ababa (San Salvadore). Had brother named Father Herculan. From Malta? Used to sponsor tours via chartered aircraft to Jerusalem. Ray Merlin
Don Hunizker mid 60s ** Deceased 1988 ** Sharon Bon Durant (Adler)
??? Jankowski '63-'64 Michigan, 05H David L. McCall
Nigisti Kiflay (sp) '69-'70 Was our maid. She was a wonderful girl/woman who was great with our two sons. Michael Austing or
Michael Austing
Dr. Killum late 60s USAH, we know he at least delivered babies. Lora Piercey (Higgins)
Robert & Anna King '62-?? Ran Post Theater. Last know Ft. Lewis and later in France. Paul Baker
6251 Bren Mar
Alexandria VA 22312
Jon S. Lewis '59-'60 18640 Beverly Rd., Seattle, WA Billy Lowery
Preston & Jane Lewis '64-'66 Hospital, then to Ft. Bragg 4/66 and then Vietnam Karen Thomas
Dickey Linneville '70-'71 Wife: Virginia. SGT Signal Co in charge of post telephone service. George Wunderly
Emilia & Arturo Lombardo '71
** FOUND **
Italian residents of Asmara. Owned an auto repair business not too far from the church at Gagiret. Were repatriated to Marina di Carrera Italy in 1970, believe returned to Asmara in 1971.
Found in Lucca, Italy, doing very well.
Renee Stein
2132 E. Ruellia Dr.
Tucson AZ 85737
(520) 825-0878
George D.Love '57 Service # F15539295 Govany Perony
Lucia ??? late 60s Eritrean that used to go to the Oasis Club. Had friends Italia and Noman. Left Asmara about '69 for the states. Linda Bolesta
Jeff MacAlley ?? Base Telephone Exchange Carl Akers
Allan McMillan '53-'56 SGT 9434 unit. Last known: Seattle Joe Robinson
Linney D. Mahon '59-'60 1205 Chatham Hts., Martinsville, VA Billy Lowery
Anyone remember
Keith McGee?
late '62 Taught school at Kagnew. Passed away in 1963. His brother:
Terry McGee
Gherry Mellet circa '60 Her father. Rita Sema
Bruce Metzler '70-'71   L Callo
??? Milano '63-'64 California, 98C20 David L. McCall
Ralph Morton '70-'71 E-6, HQ Co. Last known in charge of Special Services Auto Craft Shop. President of Dirt Diggers Motorcycle Club. George Wunderly
Tom Mueller '60-'61 ** FOUND ** Henry Fey & Jack Walsh
Don & Ruth Murray '69-?? from Seabrook MD Alex Medrano
Kenneth H. Neal '53-'55 Rank: (as of June '55) Sgt.
Last know address: New York City
Home State: Somewhere in New England
Robert Hart
??? Neff '63-'64 Michigan, 98C20 David L. McCall
Aliza Nissimov '69 Israeli, father was an MD. Was in class of 69 at AAHS. Roxanne Cibuzar
Norman ??? '68 Had friends Italia and Lucia. Was married, had a daughter and lived in California. Linda Bolesta
Galen B Olmstead '59-'60 ** FOUND ** Billy Lowery
Fred "Fritz" Palmer Early 60s    David Wales
Margherita Ponzio 70s
** FOUND **
in Denver Colorado. Married Mike Spires in the 70's. Has a cousin in Rome and she just attended the mai tacli reunion in Italy in May.
Maria Teresa Bolsi Horner
Peter Raynolds '61-'63 Okinawa '64-'66 with a TDY in Vietnam (Phu Bai?). Original last name Rodriges or Rodriguez? Child star in the movies till the poor guy grew too tall and ASA got him. Frank Pizzi
SGT Reynolds late 50s Last known North or South Carolina Carroll "CT" Brown c/o
Anita Ruggerio ? State Department Tom Salak
Leslie (Buzz) Sawyer '60-'61 Motor pool, drove water trucks, back & forth from Massawa, past the R&R at Keren. Was 18 at this time. Raised in Waterville, Maine. Sue Smith
Ron Schroder ?? Medic ??
Sehainesh '66-'67 Had a baby in '67. Last known address:
Lt Syum Kechinie St. NO.1
Richard Riordan
Scott Shaw '71-'72 Around 22 years old Kinfe Manna
Grady Smith '64-'66 ** Deceased app 1988 ** Alice Smith
John Sofranko '70-'71 Worked in radar control, originally from NY. His daughter, Claudia is searching for him. Desperately wants to find. Contact through:
Ivana Lambert
SRU Members
?? 93G & 33E, SRU5, SRU7, & 420TH Special Operations Detachment. Larry Weingroff
CPT David Stanley '63-'64 Taught AAHS students Radio & Television News Writing - Journalism Workshop at the USIS Center in Asmara. Please write to:
Habte Kidane
Albertine Agneslaan 252
3136 NE Vlaardingen, The Netherlands.
Lee Steakleather (sp) 60s My father's (Toweldw Fesseha) friend. Yosief
Doug Strickland ?? 1373 Old US 74 hwy, Ellenboro, NC 28040 Allen Peacock
Col. Taliaferro late 60s ** FOUND ** Lora Piercey (Higgins)
John Billy Taylor '57-'60 ** FOUND ** Larry W Freeman
Dick (Richard) Thomas '59-'60? Cook. E-5. Wife Aileen. Fred Huff
Donald Tomasek ?? ** FOUND ** Bob Young
Rosemary Venesseo '65-'67 Worked in Provost Marshal's office. Married Phillip Reilly and came to the states. Has a daughter Jacqueline.
Also check out email page 6.
Bob Christopher
Keith 'Wachop'(?) ?? Worked at the Counsel General's office and was an Air America graduate John Morris
Harry Whispell '59-'60 NCOIC of Line Crew, Post Signal Wife Edith. From upstate New York? Fred Huff
Donald L. Williams '51-'53? ** FOUND ** Bill Cross
Bob Wilcox '64 Left in '64 and worked in hospital. Dean E Scheid
Sembetu Woldekidan '71 Eritrean housekeeper. Last known in 1971, husband worked for Agipgas I believe. Renee Stein
2132 E. Ruellia Dr.
Tucson AZ 85737
(520) 825-0878
Dixie Wright '56-'59 married Greg Vandeputte Carol Sands (Johnson)
Tekesti Zemuy (?)
alias "Cassidy"
He owned a bar/hotel in downtown Asmara and had a brother who worked as a waiter in the Stag Bar at the Top 5 Club.
Don Hardy
Craig ??? '72-'73 In Peace Corps. Worked with locals on a forestation project (planting trees), a days bus ride away from Asmara. Rusty King
Terry Powers, Bud Burnett, Rocky Gilbert, Donna Apple, Scotty Mcpherson, Kathy Schrinel, Toni Whelan, Susie Harris '58-'61 None Melody (Bryant) Locke
Tony Logan, Celest Daily, Kim Nogle, Eric White, Joe Zaverick '71-'73   Carl Metzler
'66-'67 his maid
his houseboy
CDR Robert Baker
856 E Ave.
Coronado, CA
(619) 437-1242
Dave Cope
Dennis Frost
?? Weinfurtner
?? Keefer
'58-'60 From Harrison ID
Washington state
Jerry Green
Dave Giroux
Dave Hess
John Sofranick (sp?)
circa 70 Long Island, NY
Hershey, PA
Huntington, Long Island, NY
Tom Daly
Tom Currn
Luther Bonds
Bunny Rosenburg
60s Last known Salem MA.  Bob Bon Durant
Scott Saylor
Larry Payne
Bob McCory
Betina (Elizabeth)
Bennie & Hafte
'69-'70 DJ from upstate NY
Stonehouse from NM
Patrick Regan
Thomas Blue
Joe Connolly
Phil Merz
'56-'58 Washington
The Bronx
Duke Wyatt
Clark Hill
Johnny Dundulas
Bob Kammerling
Ernie Franz
???   Larry Brownell
(972) 996-7080
Harry Whispell or whispoll
David Hardy
Dick Doran
Dale Adams
mid 60s Contact:
Ken Wesely
1120 Ridgeway Blvd.
Depere, WI 54115
John Royal
Gary Pellitier
Jerry Jones
John Madde (maddi)
'62-'64 NA Jerry Kiple
'63-'66 Our houseboy
and our maid.
My father Robert J. Maher was ASA and mom worked at the Oasis Club I believe. He hung with Clyde Jones, D.P Wilson and Shakey Hover.Also any info on my parents would be appreciated.
Kevin Maher
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Rick St.Hilaire sends us this note on searching for Italians in Asmara:

This man in Nashua was found because my mother, who is Italian and was living in Asmara, located her old schoolmate and her husband from a newspaper/organization called Mai Tacli. They have a list called Siamo Tutti Di Asmara (trans: We're all from Asmara), which lists the names of practically every Italian who lived in Ethiopia. Their email is: