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Name Years Last Known Info Who's Looking?
William (Bud) Edward Burnett '60-'63 AAHS, Navy father, ETSd to Georgia. Linda Vroman (Jumper)
Valerie Lynn Carter early 50s Daughter of Robert and Martha Carter from PA. Angelo Karampelas
Orlando (Lanny) Catelli '66-'68 Brothers: Peter, Paul, John Brenda Bench (Honeycutt)
Kimberly Chapman '69-'72 I knew from second grade at Asmara American Elementary School. Erasmo David Villarreal 
Venable Dance mid 60s AAHS soph, sister Madeline who was a jr. Sandee Thomas Stovern
Jane Drake mid 60s ** FOUND ** Sonny (Armando) Villegas
Steve Foreman mid 60s ** FOUND ** Sonny (Armando) Villegas
Pam Forrest late 60s Left Asmara for Warner Robbins, GA. Also known address on Merle Drive in Palm Desert, CA. Rick Fortney
Victoria Lee (Vickie) Furno '65-'67 ** FOUND ** Brenda Bench (Honeycutt)
Rocky Gilbert '58 8th grade Asmara American School. Susie Harris
Lynn Grumble '59-'61 ** FOUND ** Susie Harris
Joe Odell Jackson mid 60s ** FOUND **  
Jan Klein '66-'67   Brenda Bench (Honeycutt)
Joe LaPere '65-'66 Brother: Glenn Brenda Bench (Honeycutt)
Arianne Laviene '69-'72 Her father was Lt.Col. Symore Laviene, C.O. in charge of the Kagnew Station Military Hospital. Last known Petersburg - Ft. Lee, Virginia 1982. Annie Cole
Veronica Gosch
Noriko (Riki) Leonhardt '73'-'74
** FOUND **
AAHS 11th grade. Last known Grosse Point, MI.
Laurie Manuele (Robinson)
David (Tex) Lively '65 AAHS grad class. Marge Perry
Bill Metzler '69-'73   Diana Villareal (Donkersloot)
Mike Metzler late 60s? Last know in OR late 70s. Glen Coleman c/o
Betty Cady
Helene Mitchell '64 Class of '67 Gary Gordon
Patricia Nunez '71-'73 7th/8th grade. Last known 9945 Agena Lane El Paso, Texas 79924. Nana Riley
Carla Overby '69-'73
** FOUND **
Dependent, Carla found us!
Diana Villareal (Donkersloot)
Lani Owen late 60s
** FOUND **
Believe father was E-7. Last know address: 1900 Leimomi Pl., Wahiawa, Hawaii 96786.
Rick Fortney
Sharon & Arlene Pelletier early 70s Class of '78 and '79 Katie Janulis (Villani)
Dan and Dennis Perry '64-'65 Perry was in AAHS, 16 years old and Dennis was 9. Father was Army. Linda Fallon
Sandy & Linda Thomas '65-'66 last know in Colorado Springs, CO.
Attended Asmara HS
Sonny (Armando) Villegas
Denny Topham '66-'68 Brother: Gary Brenda Bench (Honeycutt)
Jim Turner '65-'67 ** FOUND ** Brenda Bench (Honeycutt)
Penny Whitaker (Webb)
Larry Wells circa '60 6th grade at Robert E. Lee Elementary. Loreen "Kilinoe" Lum-Okami
Karen Jean Wipert '66-'68 ** FOUND ** Brenda Bench (Honeycutt)
AAS 9th grade students '69-'70
rodney michler..dwayne snell..renee thomas..diane dodge..norina henry..steve fuelis?sp..juan areniz?sp..stan irish....stan bush..charlie a..charlie '69-'70 8th-9th grade classmates. Kathy Stevens
Dawn Shanks
Althea Hodges
Debbie Taylor
Mary Polzin
Carleen Dinagen
Kathy Chitwood
Vickie Bush

left around 1971
Jan Klein
Carl Johnson
Any dependents
'67-'69 My maiden name was Vickie Wright. I had to leave because of illness. I'm looking for anyone that went to school with me at that time. Vickie Wright (Gagnon)
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