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While we were at Kagnew, most of us couldn't have survived without our wheels. Anything from old Fiat Balillas to a wide array of American cars, (I saw a '53-'54 Corvette one time and never saw it again) to jeeps, trucks and whatever we could find to get around. On this page I will honor those special vehicles that helped us survive our trips up and down "the hill" and around Asmara and Eritrea.

If you have a picture of your wheels, please contact me and send me the best one you have and I'll get the pictures posted.

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Dave Mckee Tijuana Taxi
Tijuana Taxi
Dave Mckee 68-70
Terry Hicks 1955 Fiat
1955 Fiat
Terry Hicks 68-70
Terry Hicks 1938 Lancia
1938 Lancia
Terry Hicks 68-70

John Feehily Datsun 240Z
Datsun 240Z
John Feehily 70-71
Allen Peacock 35 Lancia

Allen D. Peacock
Frank Griffiths Fiat 1500
1937 Fiat 1500J
Frank Griffiths KANU 56-58

Datsun 240Z
1970 Datsun 240Z
Bob Triplett, Denny Davidson, Bruce Tideman, Ron Francis Jr., Steve? and Berlin Lesig
64 Ford Station Wagon
1964 Ford Station Wagon
Bruce Tiedeman (L)
'Ginzo' Neves (R)
Ken Schuster
VW Beetle
Ken Schuster
Kagnew Gazelle

Don Lummus 1956 Simca
1956 Simca
Don Lummus 63-64
1932 Fiat Balilla
1932 Fiat Balilla
Norman St. Hilaire
63-64 ASA
Vince Bowler Ghia
1958 Karman Ghia
Vince Bowler 58-59

Jack Hill Morris Minor
Morris Minor
Jack Hill
58-60 ASA Finance
Mike Brooks
70-73 NavCommSta
Johnny Meadows

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Vince Bowler

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NavCommSta RM3
Robert Bleich Alfa Spyder
Alfa Romeo Spyder
Robert Bleich
66-68 ASA Ops. Co.