John (Johnny) Meadows (1970-72)
STRATCOM 31S30 T/C Night Shift
All these vehicles are some that we had or borrowed during our stay at Kagnew Station (January 1970 thru January 1972). The old Dodge (1958 or 9 I’m guessing ?) was our second car (still looking for a picture of our first). The 1971 240Z was ours. We had it sent home when we left Asmara, Specialist 5 Johnny and Sherry Meadows. Staff Sergeant Jim Branton is the owner of the 1965 Mustang. Jim lives in Adrian, Georgia, he is by far my best friend. Old Blue, I think was a 1949 Dodge ¾ Ton that we borrowed to go on two hunting trips. The picture of the Mustang and 240Z is on the road to Axsum. That is Jim and Sherry standing next to the 240Z. (Click on each for a larger view)

John Meadows Old Dodge John Meadows Old Blue Truck
John Meadows 240Z and Jims Mustang John Meadows 240Z