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This page will contain various Asmara and Kagnew maps
sent in by fellow Kagnewites and developed here.

(Updated 11/08/2007)
ArrowKagnew Station Map. This is an ongoing project of a Kagnew Station map, which will allow you to click a building and see all the information and pictures of that building in one place! I will be adding to it as I find time and building pictures.

Thanks to dependent Judy Spencer for providing the map.

Special Note: Terry Hicks has reproduced this map on a smaller scale, here is the link:
Terry Hick's Map

Here's another map Terry for Radio Marina.

ArrowRadio Marina Map. Bob Hart has sent me a two-part hand tracing of Radio Marina he did while on CQ duty and would like to share it with us. He is looking for the original to rescan and we're going to try to create one map for you. This now gives us a map of both stations!

And now there are two maps. Dick Lilienthal sends in another map which he believes he got from Bill Cross. It is a little more detailed with a legend for all the buildings. With the combination of the two maps I should be able to put together a decent map of Radio Marina.

Thanks guys! Rick

Arrow Judy Spencer sent me a an original draft of a Kagnew map. It was drawn by G. Berti, dated 4 February 1958! It does not have a lot of the newer buildings from the 1960s but I want to use this map as a base and try to add buildings as they are recognized. This is a large map (558KB - 3605 by 2275 pixels) so I am scanning it in pieces and then putting the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle, which is going to take some time. For now, you can see the progress of the map here: Kagnew map courtesy of Judy (Hord) Spencer, Dependent 1957-1960. (It may be better if you download the map to your hard drive and view it there, especially if you're on a dialup. Broadband users should have no problem.)

Arrow Large map of Kagnew (Tract E) (269KB)
Arrow Revised Kagnew Map with legend by Dave Handlin (60-62)