Radio Marina Maps

I received a note from Bob Hart about a Radio Marina map, here's his note "and" map in two sections. Bob is working on a rescan so I can try to stitch the two together and make one map - Rick

Hi Rick!
The new Kagnew Station Map Page is a fine idea. However, please remember that for us folks who served from about 1947 through 1957 or 1958 our home was the old Radio Marina site next to the Consulate. (I believe you later called it "Track A.")

While on CQ duty in the HQ building one evening I traced the attached post map from a document I found. It is somewhat crude, but is a pretty accurately records what the Radio Marina & the original Kagnew Station post looked like. I took this map with me to the two 1950s era reunions held in Hershey, PA in 2000 and 2002, and it was a hit with the "old timers" in attendance. Perhaps you can find a place for it, because, as I said, this is the Kagnew Station we remember.
Bob Hart '53-'55

Radio Marina Left Radio Marina Right

I also received a note from Dick Lilienthal who said he had a map and thinks he got it from Bob Cross. It is a little more detailed than the above map and has a legend.

Radio Marina Map