Kagnew Station Building Map

This map is an ongoing project as it is an original, late 50s map, courtesy of Judy Spencer. I am adding buildings as I can document them and figure out how to draw them as close to being accurate as I can make them. I need help from you out there to identify them as buildings did have different uses over the years. If you have a special picture or story about a specific building please let me know and I might be able to add it to that page.

Click on a highlighted location to see details about it (see list of active locations below picture). A new browser window will open with that page so you will have to download the image only once. Once you have viewed the detail page, close that browser window and you will be back at this image.

Feb 2009 - You are now able to hover your mouse over "some" of the buildings and see a popup window with a small picture of that building. Eventually this will be in place for all buildings with pictures as I find time.

Special Note: Terry Hicks (68-70 Det "C" FS 05K SIGINT intercept) has put in a huge effort to help document the buildings and images. A big thank you to Terry for his contribution!

Kagnew Map Mess Hall (Mom's Place) Kagnew Station Main Gate Ernie Pyle Memorial Gymnasium, Bowling Alley and Snack Bar Swimming Pool NCO Club (Top 5) Softball Field Tennis Courts Post Chapel ASA Barracks next to Bowling Alley Oasis Club Asmara American Dependent School Left View of Kagnew Headquarters Building Right View of Kagnew Headquarters Building Officer's Open Mess with water tower in background PX and Snack Bar Roosevelt Theater STRATCOM Barracks Water Tower ASA Company B Barracks Navy Barracks US Army Hospital / Naval Dispensary Firehouse, Snack Bar and PX Service Club Finance Office HQ Company ASA Front of Commissary looking toward Roosevelt Theater Signal (Consolidated) Supply Warehouse Signal (Consolidated) Supply Warehouse Provost Marshall Office (S 104) MP Desk Sergeant / Guard House Power Plant Aviation Detachment Building Aviation Parts Trailer