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Ethiopian Guide
courtesy of George and Kay Wagner

This is a guide that was apparently given to to those arriving at Kagnew, describing many facets of Ethiopia. On page 5 there are two exercises to test your knowledge after you've read it. Finally on page 6 is what looks like a hand-drawn map of Ethiopia with it's provinces outlined and listing their names and capitals. Remember this was when Eritrea was still part of Ethiopia.

It is a mimeographed copy (similar to what we all saw in school) and the scan quality is very poor. I have scanned it in graphic form so you can see the actual paper, and I have re-typed the entire document and put it in web page format so it is easy to read. I have left all typos and spelling errors and present it as close to the original layout as possible.

Ethiopia Guide Page 1 Page 1 Text
Ethiopia Guide Page 2 Page 2 Text
Ethiopia Guide Page 3 Page 3 Text
Ethiopia Guide Page 4 Page 4 Text
Ethiopia Guide Page 5 Page 5 Text
Ethiopia Ethiopia Guide Page 6 Map Map