I.  Fill in the following blanks with the appropriate words or phrases:

     1.  Ethiopia is bordered by ______________ in the south; ______________
         _____________ in the north; _____________ Republic in the West.
     2.  Because of its shape in the map of Africa, Tehiopia is called the
         _________ of _________.
     3.  ___________________ is the highest mountain in Ethiopia.
     4.  The huge cone-shaped and truncated mountains of Ethiopia are called
     5.  Lake __________ is the source of the Blue Nile; in Ethiopia it is called
         the _______________ River.
     6.  The kthree clOimatic zones af Ethiopia are _________________, ____________,
         and ________________.
     7.  The wet season in Ethiopia is called _____________, and the dry season is
         called _________________.
     8.  The Ethiopian round mud huts are called _______________.
     9.  ________________ is the staple food of Ethiopia.
    10.  The shamma is part of the national __________ of Ethiopia.

II.  Match the following:

            A                            B 

     1. coffee               a) There are three colors in the Ethiopian

     2. machinery            b) Ethiopia exports abundantly

     3. Gondar               c) is the one-string instrument

     4. Jimma                d) the type of government is

     5. Makenko              e) Ethiopia imports in a large scale

     6. Kebero               f) the drum-like instrument

     7. Flag                 g) is the church language

     8. Constitutional       h) is the capital of Begemeder known for its castles
     9. Monarchy

    10. Amharic              i) is the capital of Kaffa

    11. Geez                 j) is the official language

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