RELIGION: The Majority of the people are Coptic Christians while a fairly large
number are Moslems.
     In Ethiopia there are tribes who live in round mud huts call Tukuls, and
there are tribes who live in square stone houses.
     The best know tribes are the Amharas, Tigrais, Gallas, Gurages, Somalis, and
Denakils with the two latter ones living in east and southeastern part of the
country--mostly nomads.
     Although western dresses are widely used in the country, most Ethiopians (men)
wear tight white pants resembling Jodhpurs and tight-sleeved shirts called Ijetebabs
and white shawls called Shemmas. The women wear long skirts called Kemis and Shemmas.
     The staple food is Injera--a flat unleavened bread made from the grain called
Teff, and a spicy curry called Wat.

WAY OF LIFE: Although a considerable number of Ethiopians work in large industries,
and small firms in cities and towns, hold government jobs, and run private businesses,
most Ethiopians are farmers. They live in small villages on the pleataus. A few
nomadic herdsmen live in the southeast of the country. Most Ethiopian farmers also
raise cattle, sheep, goats and poultry.

AREA:   457,267 square miles.  Great distance--North to South:  975 miles
                                               East to West:    925 miles
                                               Coastline:       675 miles

ELEVATION: Highest:  Mt. Ras Dashan in Begemeder Province is 15,160 feet.
                   Lowest:   Sea-level, along Red Sea area.

     Ethiopia's fertile soil is its most important natural resource. Minerals in-
clude small deposits of iron, gold, platinum, potash, and rock salt.

     Agriculture: Beeswax, livestock, coffee, cotton, grains, sugar, tobacco, and
vegetable oil.
     Ethiopia exports coffee and hide in a large scale. She imports finished pro-
ducts such as machinery, clothes, utensils, furniture, tar, etc.

     Ethiopia is divided into 14 provinces, each with a capital. They are:
          Province                 Capital
        Shoa                     Addis Ababa
        Wollega                  Nekemt
        Gojjam                   Debre Markos
        Begemeder                Gondar
        Wollo                    Dessie
        Tigre                    Makalle
        Eritrea                  Asmara
        Harrar                   Harrar
        Arusi                    Assela
        Gomu Gofa                Arba Minch
        Bale                     Goba
        Sidamo                   Yirgalem (Awassa)
        Kaffa                    Jimma
        Illubabor                Gore
        Each province is administered by a kGovernor-General. Each Governor-General
or vice Governor-General is appointed by the Emperor.

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