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2019, another year flies by and the web page is past 20 years old now. It could never have grown to the level it is now without you, your input, pictures and stories are the page.

The sad part of doing the page is that we are losing some of our brothers and sisters as we inevitably age. I am also losing contact with others as they move on, change email addresses or just lose interest. If you find a roster listing or otherwise that seems to go nowhere, please me know and I'll remove that information so others do not get frustrated trying to contact someone.

I'll update this message with other pertinent information about the page if it doesn't fit on the Bulletin Board or Hot News pages. Generally that's where you'll find anything recent and important so check there. Remember you can always click the Updates** link below the main gate picture to see any recent page updates.

As for the web hosting, Kagnew page hosting has been very stable with rare short server downtimes for server and security upgrades. Fortunately I am always notified and they do them in the middle of the night. I don't see any point in posting it online as it is done late and in a quick manner. Most of us are fast asleep when the maintenance is done.

Whenever there is a problem that I'm aware of, the response time from them is amazing and the problems get sorted out quickly. It is still possible you may see errors when accessing the page. If you can't access the Kagnew web site and can still access other sites, it's likely there is a host problem so try again later. No shared hosting I know of can give you 100% uptime, but my host has been very close. I have a monitoring service that emails me when it is down so you won't need to. If you see a problem with one page while the rest of the site is working for you, please contact me immediately and I'll get it corrected as soon as possible. In the past many have helped out here and I need and appreciate the input.

The only bad news on the hosting is they've decided I've been getting off easy so this spring when I have my annual renewal the hosting rates are doubling! I am now also paying extra for a couple of security features that was never a problem in the past. I've looked at other options but the cost is about the same anywhere or even higher. And the fact the page is stable and I have good support is a good reason to stay put, unless the cost rises drastically. Thanks to all the great supporters of the page who help me in this area. It is greatly appreciated.

The web is get like the wild west with hackers etc. so the increased cost is the price we have to pay. You also notice it when things like the Guestbook have posting disabled. If they were left open, I'd spend hours cleaning up the garbage. Maybe I'll figure out a way around it and get things going again, but it looks bleak.

On the sponsorship side, as always, a huge "Thank You" goes out to ALL the sponsors because I absolutely could not do this without them PERIOD! I don't have my new exact rates yet but they will approximately double just to maintain the page. Previous year's sponsors allowed me to update my computer and I'm continually updating software, so you can see how important everyone's support is. I'm sending out a "special thank you" to those listed in the "mega" support section! They have been very generous and help out year to year. When you get a chance, send them an email and thank them for helping. For anyone who would like to continue to help support the Kagnew page, you can check out the details below.

For those of you who visit the Kagnew page regularly, why don't you take a minute and send someone on the sponsor list an email and thank them. This growth truly would not be happening without them. Last year I started eliminating using email links on people's names as I update, instead using an encrypted type of link. This will take a long time to get to everything. If you don't see a link on a sponsor's name, just look them up in the roster and email them a thank you.

Thanks again to the sponsors for helping support the cost of doing this page. I get comments every day and "newguys" coming in all the time and that makes it worth it. Especially when I hear the stories of finding a lost friend of 30-40 years ago.

Here are the updated sponsorship details:

up to $50
  • Page Sponsor Listing
  • Eritrean Nakfa note $1
  • 1/2 Page Sponsor Listing
  • 2 Eritrean Nakfa notes $1
  • Full page width Sponsor Listing
  • Eritrean Nakfa note $1
  • DVD of Kagnew images.

  • Items in the above range.
  • New!Your personal email address on the Kagnew Station server. That is, you can have any name you choose with a .com address, such as yosemitesam@kagnewstation.com with 10megs of disk space! And you can keep using it until I retire or the Kagnew Station Home Page closes it's doors.

Mailing address:

Rick Fortney
3704 Windshire Dr.
Springfield, IL 62704-6718

If you have any questions about anything you've seen on this page, or any questions at all about the Kagnew page, don't hesitate to at any time. I like hearing from all you, it never gets old.

So until later, as always, thanks for all your support,