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I have passed my 25th year doing the Kagnew page, originating with John Harris and Mike "Maddog" Doran, then expanded by Dennis Horner and Rick Fortney with the space provided on Dennis' personal account, and now maintained solely by Rick Fortney. It's come a long way to have it's own domain and server space.That continues to grow as more people find out about the page and offer their contributions of memorabilia, stories and photos.

The following pages contain the names of persons that have contributed to the support of the Kagnew page over the years, and those that are now helping with the continuing growth of the page. Success of the page and addition of more information continues to require more server space and bandwidth so these latest people will be adding to the legacy of the page. Along with the contributions of materials that are posted on the page and soon to come, the combination of these people is the greatest factor in these pages being available to you.

My personal thanks to all who have helped in the past, those to do so in the future and for all your suggestions, ideas and input to make it a great page for everyone.

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