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Sticker Update
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Important announcement about the "last" order of stickers.

I received these notes from fellow Kagnewites out there that have seen the stickers:

Last month I was driving down the road in Florida City/Homestead, Florida in my chrome yellow old retired fart Mustang when a guy pulled up next to me and gestured to roll down my window. He said "when were you there," I hollered back "62 to 64," he said "me too, I was in Ops Company, a traffic analyst. I replied "HQ Co. " and the horns started blasting because the light had changed. Before I could ask him to pull off so we could talk he was lost in the flow of traffic.

Missed a good opportunity there but what the hell we were on vacation and had a good time in the Keys. I live in Alabama and have had Kagnew stickers on both my cars for some time now and this was the only time someone recognized what it meant. Whoever you were down the in Florida City, sorry we didn't get to talk. Email me if you read this.
Bill Laverty, HQ Co. 62-64 (Whlav "at"

Saw the bumper sticker on a white Ford Pickup with Miss plates that read KAG NEW. My wife was driving and couldn't catch up with that cat. I'm retired Army and I made WWII, Korea, and Nam. Retired in 68. I still miss the Troops that I served with. I must say I was thrilled to see that bumper sticker my wife thought I was off my rocker when I ask her catch that white pickup.
Bill Rush

Another note from Gary Gordon on his sticker experience while on the way to the dependent reunion:

Just a quick note for you. As you know last weekend was the Asmara American School reunion in New Orleans. I drove down to the Big Easy with my wife (this was planned). While passing thru Charlotte, NC on the interstate I was accosted by this maniac in a white pick up. He pulled up next to me and started honking his horn and pointing behind us and making all kinds of crazy gestures. All this at 70+ mph!!. My wife and I looked at each other and the first thought was that the tailgate of our truck had somehow opened and we lost our luggage all over the interstate. I pulled over to the breakdown lane to check and the white truck did the same. The nut in the truck came running up to my window all out of breath, and said "I was there also, 62-65". It was then that I realized that he was pointing at the bumper sticker in the rear window. It was my Kagnew Station sticker!! We talked for a few minutes exchanged names and I told him that I was on the way to the Big Easy to attend the Asmara American School reunion. Just goes to show that people do read bumper stickers, even at 70+ mph. By the way he is one of the new guys-Ed Sullivan from STRATCOM. Hi Ed!

From Glen Coleman:

hi rick,
on the way to reunion, we were going down I-95 in N. Carolina and i told Betty that car has been following us for a long time. tthen finally passed us and the driver was blowing horn and holding printout of kagnew cover page up. we had an early type bumper sticker on back of our truck and they saw it. we all pulled over at next rest area and met a nice couple (the Kings ) this was the day before the attack we had a great time with them and others at reunion.
THANX from the desk of Glen & Betty Coleman of Kagnew

From Bob Barker:

The fellow that turned me on to the Kagnew Station Web Site, first found out about it from one of your bumper stickers on the back of an RV, who he followed until it parked at a local grocery store, after introductiond he talked to the driver of the RV about the bumper sticker and the driver always carried an "EXTRA STICKER" to pass along to others, and that is my intention as well!
Thanks again. Bob Barker
69-72, Tract B Carrier Maint Br

Sticker cost is listed below and it's simple. $2.50 per sticker plus shipping. To order, click the link below and send me your request. I'll get back to you as soon as possible with details.

Each sticker will be $2.50, so multiply the number of stickers you want by $2.50 and add the shipping cost from the table below.

Shipping Costs
1-5 $1.00
6-10 $2.00
11-15 $3.00
16-20 $4.00

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