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Gabriellene Orong (Cupps)
 Father: SGT Gabriel Orong
2/35 Thompson Rd., Upwey
Victoria, Australia 3158
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Ed Hardison
 63-64 Guard Company
4421 Meadowvale Dr.
Niagara Falls ON
Canada L2E 5W8
(905) 357-0183
Denise Lyden (Hodges)
 Father: Sgt. Joe Lyden AFRTS
1543 Braid Road
Delta BC
Canada V4L 1T2
(604) 943-1543
Kevin Penner
 Father: Dr. Lorne Penner
 Canadian medical missionary with the
 British-based Middle East General Mission
Box 2840
Swan River MB
Canada R0L 1Z0
(204) 734-9179
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Cook Islands
Bill LaFlamme
 66-69, Co "A" , 05H20, Tract "C", SP5
c/o Development Holdings, Ltd.
P.O. Box 183
Avarua, Rarotonga
Cook Islands
South Pacific
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Wayne Gillstrap
 69-71 US Navy ETR
Electronic Technician Tract "F"
Work Phone: (DSN314) 375-3724
(Hammond Barracks, Seckenheim)
Unit 29331 Box 254
APO AE 09266-9331
Eugene Grubb
 60-62 HQ Co.
CMR 421, Box 143
APO 09056
Charley Hobbs
 66-69 Co B, MOS 04B2L05, Tract C
109 Nuernbergerstrasse 90762
Fuerth, Germany
Alan Peterson
 70-72 Co B, Tract C
 Maintenance & Logistics
Illesheim, Germany
Doug Schroeder
 58-60 US Navy
Ampferweg 5
Tuebingen DE 72072
Home Phone: 49 7472 6249
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Enza Bartolotta
 Lived in Asmara, friend of Kagnew
Via Monte Grappa,40/b
Rome, IT 00012
(0774) 570232 (H)
(06) 51688909 (W)
Lorenzo Odino
 Lived in Asmara, friend of Kagnew
Via Gavino Lugani, 34
Casalnoceto (AL)
(039) 3382073134
Roy Douglas Vaughn
 63-65 Guard Co. 95B Town Patrol
Via Posillipo #54
Napoli 801234
(039) 0812483242
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Scott Rabine
 68-74 Father: Edwin Rabine
PSC 561
Box 545
FPO 96310
Iwakuni, Japan
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Rob Hathaway
 68-69 Father: Bob Hathaway ASA/HHC 1SG
USFK/FKJ2-CM PSC 303 Box 26
APO AP 96204-0026
Robert C. Smith
 69-71 ASA/HHC
1st Signal Brigade, AFSK-RM-P
APO AP 96205-0044
82-2-703-2801 (H)
82-2-791-34937 (W)
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John Eric Hazam
 67-70 Co. B
P.O. Box 90699
Klein Windhoek
Windhoek, Namibia
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New Zealand
William Dussing
 68-69 ASA 33B20
Electronic Maintenance
7 Caughley Grove
Wellington, New Zealand
George S. Herrmann
 68-70 ASA Tract C 31S30/72B40
Company B/Maintenance/Comm Center/TAREX Office
SP4 Crypto Technician. Attended 7th Army NCO academy.
American Embassy Wellington
PSC 467 Box 1 APO AP
MD 96531-1034
(944) 479-7707 (H)
(944) 462-6051 (W)
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Puerto Rico
Pedro Roman-Cuadrado
 59-60 Vet Office & Insect Control Section
HHC 4th USA Security Agency
Old Post (Veterinary Office) MOS : 933.30
B-55 Villa Marina
Gurabo, PR 00778
(787) 737-7606
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Santo Domingo
John May
 68-70 Asmara American School
Father: Martin May, AAFES
USAID/Santo Domingo
APO AA 34041
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Saudi Arabia
Bob & Abrehet Dannaker
 66-68 ASA
Box 1949 Saudi Aramco
Ras Tanura 31311
Saudi Arabia
+966-3-6731397 (Fax)
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Robert Herrick
 63-65 ASA Co. C
 Tract C, A Trick 058
Campagne Bellecour
Vinzel, Switzerland
Phone: +41 21 8241830
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Doyle Matthews
 70-72 STRATCOM Tract B, Tract D
 Operated MW link between Tracts B and D
Bangkok, Thailand
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APO Address
James Jerry Alley
American Embassy
Box 31 BRDCD
APO AP 96546-0001
Greg Apkarian
 68-73 AADS
PSC #80 - Box 20706
APO AP 96367
Eugene and Iole Grubb
Unit 29331 Box 431
APO AE 09266
Home Phone: 011 49 6204 157
Work Phone: 011 49 487 621
William C. Trotter
 60-62 HQ CO
 Post Signal Office
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