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Like our cars, some of us couldn't have survived without our motorcycles. Moto Guzzi, BSA, Ducati, Honda and other motorcycles allowed us to get around and get out "in the bushes" to places cars couldn't go. Most guys, including myself wouldn't have had it any other way.

If you have a picture of your motorcycle, scooter, bicycles, anything with two wheels, please contact me and send me the best one you have and I'll get the picture posted.

Click on the following pictures here to see a larger version.
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For those of you that were there in the late 60s and remember the Ducati 350/450 Scramblers, how about a sound clip (.au) of a Ducati 350? -- Play it !
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Rick Fortney Honda 305
1967 Honda Scrambler
Rick Fortney 69-70
Charley Hobbs BSA
BSA 500
Charley Hobbs 67-68
Charley Hobbs BSA
BSA 250
Charley Hobbs 67-68
and a Moto Guzzi

Fortney BSA 441
1969 BSA 441 Victor
Rick Fortney 69-70
Bob Gomach Motorcycle
1942 BSA M20 500
Bob Gomach 66-67
Bob Gomach Motorcycle
1942 Harley 45 WLA
Bob Gomach 66-67

Bob Hart's Bicycle
Bob Hart 53-55
Tom McCrea's 305 Honda Scrambler
Tom McCrea
Tom Leonetti's 305 Chopper
Tom Leonetti

Rod Harnish 1941 Matchless
1941 Matchless
Rod Harnish
66-67 ASA
Co. B Stonehouse
Allen D. Peacock

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Tom McCandless 1966 Suzuki
1966 Suzuki
Tom McCandless
66-69 ASA
Co. B Stonehouse

Chuck Green Motorcycle
Chuck Green 51-53
Bruce Tideman
350 Honda
Bruce Tideman
Lambretta Scooter
Lambretta Scooter
Norman St. Hilaire
63-64 ASA

Unknown Motorcycle
Sent in by Steven Burrows
(Italian Gilera LTE military model
built from 1936-1944
Thanks to Wayne Morris)
Pair of Ducatis
Norm McDonald (L)
71-73 NavCommSta Gura
Bob Lindsey (R)
Wayne Morris
Yamaha DT1New!
Wayne Morris
71-72 ASA HQ Co.
26T20 Engineer
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