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Sam Hale, Kagnew Station KANU-TV 1957-1958 has been working on a history of AFRTS at Kagnew Station for the Entertainment pages of this site. He has been researching, emailing, calling, interviewing and using any method available to him to compile this history. The text provided in these historical pages is as Sam has provided it to me and is accurate to the letter. There has been no editing of any data and is provided to you exactly as Sam has compiled it.

If you feel that there are errors in this history, or you have additional information that would help Sam verify the accuracy of the history please directly.

New! July 13, 2010 - Sam has combined his efforts in a Draft document which I am now making available to you. It is a Microsoft Word document in two versions at this time and may be available in other formats once it is in final form. This is a great document and worth a read. Hardly anyone who ever served at Kagnew can say they didn't experience either the radio or TV during their tour. It was a big part of our lives....thanks Sam.

Armed Forces Radio and Television
by Sam Hale (57-58 AFRTS KANU Radio-TV)

Word Versions [2007] -- [2003 and older]

History of Armed Forces Radio and Television Services
Radio Marina/Kagnew Station
Sam Hale, Broadcast Specialist, KANU Radio-TV 1957-1958


The Early Years WOG, AFSA, AFRS

KANU-TV, Channel 8

News from the Army's First TV Station

The Sixties

The Seventies

The Final Chapter