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Kagnew Station's
"Maternity Ward"

One of the special things about Kagnew is that it gave birth to U.S. citizens, although they were in a foreign country almost 10,000 miles from the U.S. They were called dependents, "brownbaggers," they were the children of civilian/military personnel assigned to Kagnew Station. We want this to be an "honor roll" for those few who have a great story to tell to their friends and family.

Being born in the U.S., the rest of us grew up with school dances, football, basketball etc., homecomings, proms and graduations that we took for granted. And we have the ability to go back to our home town and relive those experiences at reunions. These kids don't have that luxury. With the help of this page though, and a dependent's page linked from our "links" page, maybe they can locate each other and have the reunion they've never had.

If you have a child that was born in Asmara, or you are a dependent that was born there, click the following link to display the registration form:

Kagnew Station Maternity Ward Entry Form

If you have trouble with the form just me the birth information (full name, full date and parent's names) and I'll post it here.

Michelle Hurt, daughter of Mike and Cassie has just been listed with a birthdate of 24 November 1974. That gives Michelle the distinction of being the "last born" dependent on our list. Mike says she was born at the Melotti Clinic because the military had already left. Do you know of someone born in Asmara after that date?
Bob Purcell tells us that early in the 50s, mothers-to-be were airlifted to the 97th GEN in Frankfurt a few weeks before their due dates.
Allie Stanley tells me her son Daryll Gene was the first boy born at the new hospital on the 4th of July, 1957. That's patriotic! She had another son, Kyle Mark born on the 2nd of July, 1958. She also said that a girl was born the day before Daryll and would have been the first child born at the new hospital.
1/29/10 - Just received, an official Kagnew birth certificate, courtesy of Tom Graham. Go to the Other Documents page or click here to see the full-size certifice.

Our honorary first dependents were born to John and Joanne Hannigan. Jack tells us that all the births were at the Army Hospital on Base. Each new birth had an Army Birth Certificate that was temporary until the Department of State issued the Formal Birth Certificate signed by the Secretary of State.
Given Name Date of Birth Parents
DAVID BRIAN HANNIGAN 5 Feb 1960 John "Jack" & Joanne Hannigan
DEBRA JO HANNIGAN 31 Aug 1962 John "Jack" & Joanne Hannigan
 I have moved the entire maternity ward to a database so you can select the list you want to see. The above information is not included in the listing so you will have a nice printout if you'd like. Just select the button below next to the type of listing you want and click the "Give me the listing!" button.