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There were other documents we kept as souvenirs that are interesting to look back at. If you have something that doesn't fit in any of the other document categories, and I'll get them posted on this page.
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A Kagnew Station Christmas card, featuring the Post Chapel. [ Outside | Inside ]

A very unique souvenir, a foldout of mini postcards a bit larger than a credit card. Here is a picture of cards unfolded, the front and back of the cards and a full scan of the cards. Next to each card is the description on back. I've tried to duplicate the exact font and type instead of doing another scan.

A perfect, unused QSL card (ET2US) from the Mars and Amateur Radio Club of Kagnew Station.
(courtesy of Lori Thompson, daughter of Clyde S. Gehr, Jr.)

If you were lucky enough to be at Kagnew during an Asmara Expo, you would have gotten an Asmara Expo 69 brochure (outside)-(inside) like this, and purchased this ticket. I was there working during the '69 moon shot and the next expo had a moon rock!

Randy Rowley sent in something interesting. It's called a "Straight Day Begger Qualification Test" that appears to be centered around Stonehouse. Check out this PDF of the test and see how you do.

Straight Day Begger Qualification Test

Tom Winowiecki sent me two Kagnew bumper stickers from his collection of a dozen sequential stickers. These are the red stickers and were for enlisted men. (I have an original blue one on my scrapbook page I brought back that were for officers - Rick.)

Bumper Sticker (Click for larger image)

We are very fortunate to receive this from Tom Graham, something I have never seen! (Click the image to see a fill-size copy)

Tom Graham Birth CertificateI saw your comment about the temporary Birth Certificates. Here is what I got -- not temporary and not signed by the Secretary of State. I also used to have the exact same information hand typed on onion skin paper and hand signed by Dr. Bellas but alas I don't think it is around any more.

Also the comment about airlifting expectant mothers must have happened after we were there as my mother said some women had multiple children at Kagnew and she didn't know of anyone being sent offsite to give birth.

Tom Graham II
Kagnew Station 08/29/1956

An interesting note from Nancy Charles (Rogers) about the doctor. Nancy's father was Orman Charles, Commanding Officer, whose signature is in the lower right corner!

By the way the doctor's name I well remember. Most of the adults knew him as Jack Bellas and when we moved back to Arlington from Kagnew he actually received an assignment in the DC area and bought a house not far from my parents. Later on he moved away and sometime before my mother died in 1996 she told me that they had received a Christmas card from his widow. Jack was a character. He actually sewed up a major cut on my left thumb the scar of which I carry to this day.

An unused scorecard from Oasis Greens, just across from the Oasis Club. Mom's Christmas Menu 1967 courtesy of Russ Miyake (Stonehouse 66-68)

We needed help solving the mystery of this document, and as usual you came through--see below.
courtesy of Jim Sayre

Dan Carr has emailed and told me he has a young Eritrean realtor in his office and she says this is a wedding invitation from 1959.
Thanks to Dan and his Eritrean friend -- Rick

Thanks to Chernet Haile --
It is a 1959 wedding invitation card. The invited person is not filled except referred to as "sir" out side of card. The inviter is Mr. Tesfagabir Niguse for the wedding of his sister Miss Gidey in the town of Nefasit.

From Will Amatruda --
Here's what my Italo-Eritrean friend responded [my translation]:
"The Tigrinya document is a wedding invitation. A certain Tesfagabr Neguse invites [fill in the blank] to his sister's wedding, which will take place at Nefasit on 10 January 1959; rather late to attend."

2nd platoon squad roster from 07 Dec 67.
"B" Trick 05K roster.
Trick schedule.

Mom's Christmas Menu 1966 Mom's Thanksgiving Menu 1967 courtesy of Placido "Wop" Borruso

Shorttimer's Notice of Return (Microsoft Word Document)
courtesy of Allen Peacock

Church bulletin from the Catholic services.
courtesy of Richard Kostbar, NavCommUnit 3 57-58