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Michael O. (Mike) Hyder 67-70

Very nice job on the Kagnew Station home page. I had thought Kagnew wasa closed chapter in my life until I received a card from Duke Klassen who was at Monterey and Kagnew with me. He sent a skydiving picture which really brought back memories. Then he brought me up to date on others we had known at Kagnew. I worked at tract "C" as an Arabic translator from December 1967 until June 1970. Also operated the amateur radio club station along with several very fine operators, among them Deanie and Gerry Lindsay (SK), George Wagner and Milt Warnock. My memories of those days had just about faded out, but Duke's note and the subsequent telephone calls meant the world to me and started the old mind grinding again tying my life's memories back together. Duke turned out OK. He is a fine writer and metal smith. He would never say so, but I can. I live in Johnson City, Tennessee. I am now a retired lawyer and got on the internet in December of '97. My amateur callsign is N4NT, and I work CW on 7020 kHz in the daytime and 3521 kHz in the evenings. I would love to hear from others who were either at Monterey or at Kagnew. (Oh, I was the SP4 who threatened to kill a 1LT for scattering all the laundry bags out at 98C school at Ft. Devens in the fall of 1967.) All the best to you Kagnew Vets!

William Collins 67-69

I was driving on a back road near Ellicott city Maryland one day when I drove up behind a guy with a bumper sticker that said "Kagnew Station". I couldn't believe it so I ran the guy off the road and we talked for about an hour.. He told me about the web site and I have been looking for names I recognize ever since. I arrived in Asmara Oct. 67 to March 69 (I think) and went directly to Navy Gura.. Sweet duty.. The real Nav in Norfolk was a drag after Asmara.. I have talked to Larry Lawrence via -mail,, and I hope to hear from more of the ole gang soon.. David Lively was with us then, and we still keep in touch. I'm located near Annapolis Md, and Lively is down the road in Hampton Va. Great Job on the site Dennis.. you and Rick deserve a beer or two... Get in touch if you are in the area...

James F. Wilson 70-73

I'm James F. Wilson (at the time Sgt. 1st class) now retired, and I ran across your page via my grandson's web account. I served at the hospital in Kagnew from 70 - 73. There I was a hospital steward. My wife's name is Sudie, and she spent a lot of time at the ceramics shop at track E or track A (forgot). It was good to see this page. My phone # is (502) 351-6638. My home address is 558 Pearman Ave. Radcliff, KY 40160. We had three children, Terry Darlene Wilson, now in San Antonio, James F. Wilson Jr., in Lexington KY, and Sherry A. Wilson, now in Leesburg Florida. Thank you for this page.

Tom (Tommie Joe) Johnson 61-62

Excerpts from a couple of Tom's messages

Just did a search for Kagnew on a whim, and found the Kagnew Station Home Page. Great job. Brings back memories. I was in the ASA and stationed at Kagnew from Jan. 61 to Oct. 62. Managed to work the system to get rotated back home almost on schedule during the Berlin crisis when all transfers were frozen. I was sent to Two Rock Ranch Station, then discharged to return to college in Feb. 62. I have a bunch of slides from that era, but no way to scan them in.

I retired from McDonnell Douglas (25 years), and am currently employed as a computer programmer for a small business sub-contractor at Eglin AFB in Florida. I live in Crestview, Fl.

I just went thru some old papers, and found my transfer orders to and from Kagnew along with my promotion orders to SP4 and SP5, 1959 hunting regulations, etc. Pvt. Linwood G Finch, MOS 710.00 and Pfc David H Goggin were also named on the same orders to transfer to Kagnew at about the same time. Dave was in my class at Devins, but I don't remember Finch.

Ken Hamilton 70-72

Discovered the Kagnew Home Page and enjoyed the many memories it brought of our shorten tour there. Here is a quick bio of our tour:

KEN HAMILTON, Wife - Claire, Tour dates: 1970 - 1972 Grade at the time: Major Positions served in: Post S1, Provost Marshall, Operations Officer for Tract "C"

I had the displeasure of being responsible for dismanteling Tract "C" when ASA was ordered out. We have nothing but fond memories of Kagnew, the military personnel, associated civilians and the countryside and its local people. Would enjoy exchanging stories with others who were there.

Does anyone know if there is a future planned reunion for former Kagnew residents? Regards, Ken

Bob Kilburn 59-61, 72-74

There were many changes that took place at Kagnew Station between my tours. I was with the first full veterinary unit to provide food inspection service to Kagnew Station and was there as NCOIC of the last complete veterinary unit to provide services to Kagnew Station. Closing that unit was a pretty sad task. Many of the food vendors had furnished food to the Clubs and Commissary since the beginning.

Since I sent you the request for posting last night I have had the chance to take a better look at your work. It is amazing. If there is any support that I can provide let me know.
Thanks again

Alden W. Udell 70-73

hi ...I arrived in Asmara...Kagnew Aug 70.....I worked at Tract B Stratcom while awaiting TS Crypto clearance from Arlington Hall...that I got in Dec 70 and worked at Tract C CommCenter till it was closed...and then went to Stonehouse till March of 1973. My NCOIC was SFC Jerry C. Turner. Anyone know where he is presently at?
thanks Alden W. Udell (72b40D1)

Tom Indelicato 67-68

Hello folks,

I don't know why it took me so long to search the net for Asmara. I've already sent an e-mail to Dave Marcos. Of the names I've seen so far, Dave is the guy I remember best, having worked closely with him during the good days of the "Six Day War" when the airwaves went crazy with new traffic. I am:

Tom Indelicato - 05K20, Co A (01/67 thru 07/68)
RR2, Box 707I Ctr.
Barnstead, NH 03225

I have kept in touch with my good friend Mike Gullotti who lives in Suffolk, WI and can contact him should anyone like.

It was a long time ago, wasn't it. To quote Gen. Hal Moore; "We were soldiers once and young". There were some good times (and some not so good, as well). The Oasis club, The Mauroks, and all those "nice" girls who worked at the sweater factory. Does anyone remember Rosa Vicenza?

If anyone who reads this is interested, to the best of my knowledge, one of the finest NCO's this man's ARMY ever had, 1SGT George Keener, is still going strong and playing a lot of golf down in Marysville TN.

Hope to hear from some of you old Ft. Devens/Asmara soldiers soon. The old fort just outside of beautiful downtown Ayer, MA is now closed, the old "schoolhouse" pretty much boarded up. All the old 3rd battalion area has been torn down and Schick has built a factory there. The range area, across Rt. 2 is still in use and I'm often there with my NG artillery unit for small arms qual, etc. The old TTC village and "rice paddies" are long gone.

Keep on keepin' on brothers and tell some of those children and grandchildren (I have one and one on the way) that serving their country is a good thing to do. There just isn't enough of that attitude around today.

Tom Miller 60-62

Hey Rick,
Been a while since we chatted, the HOMEPAGE is looking great. Congradulations, it's easy to tell that it's a labor of love !!

Just a note, those were the interesting years in that they encompassed the attempted overthrow of Haile, during which we found we had guns but no ammo on the base, (1/2 the weapons had red tags that said, "Do Not Fire, Defective Weapon") and the ammo was 5 miles outside of town in a bunker (probably on the Ethi Army base.) Then, in Aug 61, I was coming back thru Dhahran and met a bunch of guys rotating home, and they informed me that everyone 'cept them had just been extended six months. Seems they were the last ones out til Dec or Jan. Being it was Saudi territory, we went to the NCO club and celebrated their good fortune, and my misfortune with MILKSHAKES !!!

Mike Durbin 70-72, 72-74

Great page!! Thought I would give you a little info..

Mike Durbin SP5 ASA (Army Security Agency)
Company B Tract C
70-72 ASA, 72-74 Radiation/Harris at Stonehouse
Also worked in Massua on the Slot Machines/Pin Ball machines, part time....

I came back and finished my BSEE degree at Texas A&M in 76. Got my PhD. EE in '87. I now work for EDS in Plano Texas.

Are there any other Radiation/Harris people or other Ham radio operators out there? I was ET3USF/9F3 and helped run ET3USA. I am now WA5TKC. We did a DX pedition/Fishing trip to the Dahlik Islands and would be interested if anyone else is around.
Michael J. Durbin Ph. D. E.E. Texas A&M

Glenn I. Estes 70-72, 72-74

Glenn sent us a note saying he was a "speedy" 5 in Co. B ASA, working at Tract "C" and Stonehouse. He returned in 1972 as a GS-12 civilian working Radiation/Harris (Stonehouse)

Glenn is now Senior Project Manager, Alcatel Network Systems (ANS) in Richardson, Texas.

Glenn says, "Both myself and Mike Durbin will have several stories to post about the search for lost airplanes, fishing in the Dialect(sp) Islands, Blown up bridges, Bullet holes in the 150ft dish and trailer, ham antennas on top of the 200' bore site tower at Stonehouse, motor cycle rides, and ........."

We'll be looking forward to those stories Glenn.

Larry Brownell 74-77

My name is Larry Brownell. I was at Kagnew Station from 1974 thru 1977 as a civilian contractor working for Collins/Rockwell. I was the O & M Supervisor at the MSC-46 satellite earth station located at Tract B.

I remember those three years in Asmara with great fondness. It was an exciting and challenging time for me. Of course, there were the bad times: Two lives were lost, five people kidnapped (and later released), and on occasion we had to dodge small arms fire, grenades, and the occasional small rocket.

Some of the names I remember from that time and would like to hear from are: Lt. Clark Hill (base commander), Johnny Dundulas and Bob Kammerling (PA&E), Ernie Franz. I read Todd Conley's E-mail. The name is familiar, but I can't put a face with it.

I met my wife of 20 years, Marcella Masci, shortly before we all left Asmara. We were married about a year later and now live in Garland (Dallas), Texas.

If there's anybody out there from those last three years of operation, I would like to hear from you. Email me (Use name as link)

Brian Kempton 75-77

My name is Brian Kempton, I was at Kagnew with Todd Conley from Oct of 75 till the last days of 77. I got to hang around Navcomsta Nea Makri and type out the audio tapes of our debriefing meetings after the closing and evacuation of Kagnew. Todd and I got to do a little sneaking around the Ethi guards trying to get some comm gear and cards back after they let us return to the transmitter sight to pick up a few leftover parts. The previous night was a long night of mortar rounds so we were a little jumpy getting back into the buildings that we thought we had left for good.

I've seen a few names come up that I recognize, thanks for the web site. Thanks for the rekindling of old memories.
Brian Kempton

Robert E. Fields, Jr. 53-54

Robert E. Fields, Jr. Cpl, US Army Security
Agency Photographer and Photo Lab Supervisor
Arrived Kagnew Station Feb, 1953, departed Dec, 1954
Ran Photo and Audio Visual Department last year and a half.

Following personnel there during my tour known to be deceased are Sgt. Hugh F. Riggle, Motor Pool, ASA; Sgt. Salvatore Sabella, MP; Sgt. John Popovich, Photo Department, ASA

Man, am I having fun with this web site. Thanks loads

Don (Louie) Nye 63-64

I found web site by chance, I served at Kagnew for 2 years, april 63-april 65 I was MP attached to STRATCOM TRACT B , ACS Company. My rank when I left was Sp5. I remember a great time, and kept a diary of my time there. I also have many copies of Kagnew Gazelle. Pictures also of Queen Elizabeth's visit to Haile Selassie. I remember giving new guys a trip down Masawa Rd, when we used to drive on the left. It was a sickening experience for them. Then we would stop and throw rocks at the baboons. Please add my name to your growing list of those who loved the city above the clouds.

Dale Nichols 63-64

I was an SP4 assigned to HQ Company and worked for a short time at the APO and then for most of my tour at the Education Center which was co-located with Civilian Personel just inside the main gate on the right side as you left the post. I arrived at Kagnew Station in January, 1963 and was transferred to Torii Station on the island of Okinawa in July, 1964.

The web site is great and brings back many fond memories. Will add more at a later date.
Dale Nichols

Bob Sisko 63-65

Hi Rick,
Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate it very much. It just happened (smile) the menu I had was from the free dinner day. It was really an experience for me to find the "Kagnew" page. A whole range of emotions and memories flooded back. I will sign on the roster when I get a chance. I was departing Norfolk Naval Air Station for the first leg of my trip to Asmara the day Kennedy got shot. Needles to say we were grounded that day and departed the next for Rota - Spain where I took part in the Ceremonial Guard for Franco to pay his respects. After a few WEEKS in transit I arrived at the airport in Asmara on a MATS C-130, and in uniform which was against Ethiopian law. We were held at the airport until the Chief Master At Arms came to accept custody of my group. That was December 13, 1963. I would turn 18 one month later. The rest of my stay at Kagnew was as event full as my trip over. I can fill a volume on what I experienced during the following 18 months.

I have an entire photo album of photos I took while I was there.

BTW - I knew the "Jackson's" and contacted Mrs. Jackson when I found your page.
Best Regards,
Bob Sisko

Gerald "Jerry" Pry 49-52

Here's a nice note from Jerry:

You have a wonderful page with which I am proud to be represented. I have to give my deepest gratitude to all those who have helped in any way to this endeavor, especially you and Dennis as well as John Harris and Maddog Moran.

Since I am on the twilight of my life and have had some signs of what could be serious health problems (Stroke), I am offering anything that I have on my web site that pertains to Eritrea and Asmara to be used on the Kagnew site. In particular I would like you to look at the Booklet about Radio Marina in 1950. If I can help you in any way let me know.

As you know Okie O'Conner, Don Lewis and I and a couple others are the oldest ones on the Kagnew web site. We were there before Kagnew was Radio Marina, when we drove on the left side of the road, when we could go to the hole in a 6 x and sometimes Don Lewis was the driver, when one of the songs that we sang on the way to work was '......s got cl..., when we were not allowed to wear a patch except the one for the Army in general (the circle with a star). You could tell that we were in something "secret" because we did not wear a patch. I have a picture of a patch that we tried to get approved but never was. I have several little stories and some wire and news clippings of the times concerning Asmara, especially the story of John Haynes from Ohio that was killed by the Shifta and another fellow from my home town who was ambushed and shot on a motorcycle coming from Massawa. I also have some found and funny memories from there that I wish that I could share. But I know that both time and space are limited. I have been in contact with 2 others from my stay there that are living in Michigan but are not on the internet.

I do intend to maintain my web site as long as I am able. As one of my sons says 'an old man with lots of time and nothing to do'. But I do not want the Eritrean stuff to disappear.

Visit my Homepage at

Bob Christopher 65-67

Bob is searching for someone so I've put together the excerpts from 3 of his notes. Maybe someone out there can help him.

Note 1:
I wrote to you about a year ago but with no luck, so I thought I would try something new. I am still looking for my daughter that I left in Asmara in 1967. I believe that her mother married a G.I. She was born on about, 1/31/67. I don't know what hospital. Is there any way to find records of her birth or records of Americans that marry non-Americans?

Note 2:
I wrote to you several months ago about looking for a woman I left in Asmara in 1966. Well I am still looking. I have had no luck. I can get nothing out of the Army. I thought I would ask you to put this on your web site to see if it would help.

Everyone I see on these web sites, where in Operation Co. or AST4 and other ditty boppers. I'm sorry that I don't know any of them. The way I was when I was there, they would have a better chance of remembering me. I would like to talk to anyone that was there from 65-67 to help me remember and maybe answer some questions.

My name is Bob Christopher. My e-mail address is, BCGCINC@AOL.COM. My mos was 64B20, heavy vec. driver. I was one of the guys that drove the semi's up and down the mountian.

The woman that I am looking for was Rosemary Venesseo. I don't know what her name would be today. She worked in the Provost Marshal's office. I believe that she married a G.I. and came to the states, but I can't find any records of this. There is a lot of information in my S-2 files, but they will not release them to me.

Anything or anybody will be of more help than I have gotten so far.

Note 3:
I know that what I am trying to do is next to impossible, but I have to keep trying. All I need is to find someone to give me the right lead or to tell me something to jog my memery. The Army could help me a lot if they just would. I found a old friend of mine last night. His name is Wally Johnson. We were there at the same time and in the motor pool together. If I can be of any help to you or any one else, please write me.

Thanks again,