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Web Pages and stories by or about Kagnew vets and civilians
ArrowNew!Shifta Audio Report (occurred November 1967) as reported by Brooks Frazier (AAHS mid 60's), recorded and provided by Dan Minchen (AFRTS 1969-71).

Following comment by Dan:
At the last All Kagnew Reunion, I ran into a person I hadn't known before. He is Brooks Frazier, who was a high-school student at the American School at Kagnew in the mid 1960s. He had an intriguing story that I thought was worth sharing with the Kagnew community via an audio report (no pictures). As a former broadcaster, I felt he deserved to be interviewed in broadcast-style, especially because his account had never been shared -- especially to veterans of Kagnew, who could fully realize its relevance and importance.

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