Kagnew Station Patch Letters from Africa Patch

Here is some correspondence from Africa that I'd like to share with you. Hope you enjoy reading them.
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ArrowIntroduction to Mike O'Neill
ArrowObservations of Asmara by Mike O'Neill
ArrowMike's Return to Asmara after the hostilities.
ArrowMike's View of Independece Day Celebrations, 2001 (5/30/2001).
ArrowMike's Final Letter from Asmara, October, 2001

  Pictures from Mike

ArrowMike's house and the Catholic Cathedral (2000).
ArrowH.I.M Palace in Massawa after the war.
ArrowThe Dahlak Hotel, know to us all as TTU!

ArrowIntroduction to John Eric Hazam

ArrowLee Ruebush's trip to Asmara ! (12/04/2000).
ArrowDon Coston's 1997 trip to Asmara ! (2/07/03).