Kagnew Station Patch Letters from Africa Patch

You don't have to try to make contact with Mike O'Neill, here he is from beautiful downtown Asmara. About 85 degrees and sunny here.

That license plate picture Warren sent you was sent to me by a young man I've been corresponding with from University of Missouri. I believe he said that he got it off of eBay where it was being auctioned at some ungodly amount.

I didn't realize that Kagnew had its own site on the internet. Eritrea is unfortunately still one of two countries in the world that has no internet access. This email is run through a server at Stanford University and does downloads about six times a day so we have the illusion of the internet at least. We will have the full internet in February 2000 if all goes well.

I wonder if the Kagnew Alumni know what kind of a legacy they left here? I have never heard Eritreans speak of anything but joy when they discuss the days that the Americans were here. I have a portable CD player in my office and was playing some Country Western when some of the staff heard it and came in chatting about Kagnew music! They knew more of the vintage CW stars than I did. That radio station you had must have specialized in CW. I wound up cutting about ten copies of everything I had.

If any of your alumni has any questions on present day Eritrea or Asmara, have them contact me and I'll try to help. I'm back in the USA from 12/15-1/20 but will be here the rest of 2000.
Regards Mike O'Neill