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Our members have come across documents to share with you. These are books, magazines, pamphlets, articles and other printed materials dealing with Asmara, Eritrea and Kagnew Station. If you happen to find other documents or articles in your web searches, send them in and I'll post them here.
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Kagnew Station Brochure
Jim Boyce sent in a file which is listed as the Kagnew Station Brochure, forward by Col. Keene Wilson and is probably from 1965. There is a notation for the photographs for December 1964. It is a welcome brochure for "newguys" and is something most all of us got when we arrived. Great addition to the page, thanks Jim!

Welcome to Kagnew Station (1965)
Ray Mitzel, who worked at Stonehouse, sent this in. He says it was a document produced by COL Keene Wilson's staff, who was Kagnew CO at the time. It was for a 19 August 1965 visit of faculty members from the Imperial Ground Forces Command of the General Staff College.

Asmara Telephone Directory, 1965-66, courtesy of Dwight Gibson.

[Cover] [1] [2]

Ed White sent in an article from the March 1970 copy of The Hallmark entitled "The Adventuresome Tour."

The Battle of Aduwa and the naming of Kagnew Station.
Sent in by Jerry Grover

Assignment: Kagnew Station in Ethiopia
(courtesy of Ed White)

Ethiopia Historic Tour Guide [Side 1] [Side 2]
Ethiopia Tourist News, Vo. 1, No. 3, April 1969 [Cover] [2] [3] [4]
Ethiopia Information Guide and Quiz (Updated 9/02/04)
(courtesy of George Wagner)

1969 Asmara Expo
25-cent Ticket [Front] [Back]
Brochure [Outside] [Inside]

Hank Fey has sent in some great documents courtesy of Harvey Brodsky.

University of Maryland Asmara Branch Prom Booklet
Welcome to Kagnew Station Booklet

Linda Caudell-Feagan, our resident reunion committe dependent has been going through some boxes and came up with a great find! It's the September 1972 issue of the ASA publication, "The Hallmark." This contained the article "ASA Leaves Kagnew" and was written by CPT John Rasmuson, and researched by SP5 Joe DiVeglia (currently on roster) and SP5 John Ryan. It's a great article and has an outstanding aerial view of Kagnew Station from over the housing.

The files are a little on the large side but reducing them in size would have taken away some of the impact of seeing them. Larger is better!

The "Handbook of Eritrea" was handed out to Asmara veterans at Radio Marina. Jerry Pry has sent in his copy of the handbook which was printed in 1951. You can now view that book here and even download the pictures if you'd like to print them for a copy yourself.

Joe Ewing of STRATCOM has provided the Kagnew page with a rare copy of "Ethiopia, The Hidden Empire." This magazine was published by Ethiopian Airlines in Italy in March 1972, and is full of information and pictures about Ethiopia. He also sent in an Army Digest from September, 1970 which has a great article about the communications efforts of STRATCOM.

National Geographic Magazine Excerpt and Photo - September 1935
Provided by Charles "Chuck" Moulton ('67-'70)

1973 Navy Cruise Book
Provided by Randy Harris and Dan Carr

Excerpt from "The Codebreakers".
Provided by Ralph Reinhold.
(The Code Breakers, by David Kahn, Simon & Schuster (1996) ISBN-0684831309 984 pages, $65.00.)