Preface 5
Chapter 1
Highlights of Eritrean History
Chapter 2
Lend-Lease and Project 19
Chapter 3
U.S. Naval Repair Base, Massawa
Chapter 4
Kagnew Station: The Early Years
Chapter 5
The Sixties
Chapter 6
The End of U.S. Army Tenure
     MG Godding
     LTC Light


A History of Kagnew Station and American Forces in Eritrea is an authorized, unofficial, special publication for the personnel of Kagnew Station published under the supervision of the Commander of the United States Army Garrison, Kagnew Station, APO New York 09843 by the Public Affairs Office. Opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Department of the Armuy. All photographs are official U.S. Army photos unless otherwise designated.

Providing credit is given, permission is granted to reprint from any portion of this bood with the exception of material in Chapter Two and Chapter Three which is reprinted here, by permission, fromThe War, A Concise History 1939-1945, by Louis I. Snyder (Dell Publishing Company) and Under the Red Sea Sun by Commander Edward Ellsberg (Dodd, Mead and Company, Inc.), respectively.

After July 1, 1973, correspondence regarding this book should be addressed to the Information Division, IACS-I, Headquarters, U.S. Army Security Agency, Arlington Hall Station, Arlington, Virginia 22212.

Printed by Il Poligrafico, Via Addi Caieb 19, P.O. Box 171, Asmara, Ethiopia.