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I came across some videos taken in Eritrea and they're now available for viewing. They are in the .mov format and should be able to be played in most video playback software. The filesizes are 1-2 megs so it would be best if you downloaded them to your hard drive and viewed them from there. I also zipped them into a 10 meg file if you want to download all of them at once. Sorry there is no sound.
  • Terry Gust was with the USAF 1370th photo mapping wing in the 60s. He has a nice video online you should check out. Great aerial views, along with some around Asmara and a few on Kagnew toward the end. Mapping Mission video
  • Dave Engstrom sent in a couple of links to YouTube videos. The first is the 1953 Kagnew dedication. The second is one everyone can relate to. The drive to the airport and getting on the bird that took you out of Asmara! Dedication | Last Day
  • John "Barefoot" Hallahan sent this YouTube link, a ride down the Massawa Road. Great stuff!
  • Dick Lilienthal sent in three movies, one of a parade in Asmara, one at Radio Marina and the last of the Massawa Road and Massawa. Dated 1953. (Each of these files is around 24 megabytes in size so be patient.
    [Asmara] [Radio Marina] [Massawa]
  • Dave Nelson sent in this video of the Tisisat Falls from 1972.
    Those Falls are know by local Ethiopians as the Tisisat Falls and literally means "Smoking Water" and located about one hour from the city of Bahar Dar, Ethiopia and 20 miles south of Lake Tana Ethiopia. They are also called "Blue Nile Falls" because it is where the head waters of the Blue Nile cascades over a cliff face and into the gorge, thus Tisisat Falls. A real site to see. The Russians built some Hydro Plants for the Ethies and that has impeded the flow over the cliffs. Its probably one of the best Natural wonders.
  • Airport Road
  • Driving to Massawa [1] [2] [3] [4]
  • The port of Massawa [1] [2]
  • Very short clip of a church.
  • Dahlak Hotel, or as we knew it, Massawa R&R Hotel.
  • Hamasien Hotel in Asmara.
  • Zipped file of all videos.