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Kagnew Station
Tract E

Tract E Kagnew Station

This page will be devoted to Tract E, better known as Kagnew Station.

I will have pictures and other images as this page expands.

A great aerial view of Kagnew (Tract E)
courtesy of Linda Caudell-Feagan

A page of quick links to most of the buildings on Kagnew, courtesy of Terry Hicks.

Plenty to see in this picture which appears to be during Armed Forces Day, circa late 60s.
courtesy of Elwood "Dave" Nelson

Some extremely rare photos from Christmas decorations 1964. Roxie Howard photographed slides provided by Dick Perry and sent them in. The manger display was made in the wood shop at Kagnew Station and the display was outside SRU-9. Thanks to Roxie and Dick for these gems: [1] | [2] | [3] | [4]

Aerial view of Kagnew and Asmara from outside the back gate. The quality is not that good but you'll get the idea.
Courtesy of Dave Handlin.

Kagnew Honor Guard, circa 1955 or 1956
Courtesy of Jack Rockwell

Pictures from Eritrea taken during Ed White's 2001 trip!

PowerPoint slide show of Kagnew Station(2.76 MB)
courtesy of Terry Hicks
You will need Microsoft PowerPoint or a PowerPoint viewer to see these. Don't waste your time downloading them if you don't have the software, sorry.

Bill O'Ryan shows there were other ways to get around Kagnew, here on his bicycle. Bill was quite a linguist, but unfortunately has left us. Check out his bio listing on the Memorial Wall.